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I think itís pretty clear that Sony really did E3 right this year, with its focus on games, indie developers and keeping consumer gaming rights the same as theyíve been for the past two decades. Microsoft needed a lot of good mojo coming out of this presser and it just couldnít overcome the negative stigma surrounding the console, especially in light of the Sony presser.

But thatís not what this blog is about. Itís about why should I or anyone else bother buying either of these systems this holiday season. This isnít going to be a pro Wii U write up, though that is the console I will be getting this December. This is about how most of the best games announced Monday will be on current gen consoles. If you are someone who actively trades in games, what point is there to getting a PS4 or XBox One this holiday season? Are the exclusive launch titles enough to make you want to take that plunge right away? Letís take a look at them:

Exclusive PS4 Launch Titles so far-
Killzone: Shadow Fall

Exclusive XBox One Launch Titles so far-
Forza 5
Kinect Sports Rivals
Dead Rising 3

Now this could change quite quickly, but so far no more than four titles. Now look at the games that will be on the next gen systems and the PS3 and/or 360 this holiday season:

Assassinís Creed IV Black Flag
Call of Duty: Ghosts
Battlefield 4
Watch Dogs
Need for Speed Rivals
Zumba Fitness World Party
Diablo 3
Skylanders Swap Force

The biggest franchises in the world are represented there. And those are just this holiday season. Even games further down the road, like Titanfall, Destiny and Final Fantasy XV; will be coming to current gen consoles. Then there are the titles that the PS4 and XBox One will NOT be getting. Neither company has so far announced next-gen version of the following games:

Grand Theft Auto 5
Batman Arkham Origins
Beyond: Two Souls
Rayman Legends
Splinter Cell: Blacklist
South Park: The Stick of Truth

At least two of those are bound to be huge selling games.

Iíve already read about people reserving their PS4 or XBox One, but I have to ask is there really any reason to do it this holiday season? Letís look at it from a price point. Say you donít want GTA 5 or Rayman Legends, but you do want to get five games this holiday. Based on California taxes, five games will roughly cost you $330. If youíre getting five current/next gen games, that will cost you $770 on the PS4 and $880 on the XBox One (and $710 on the Wii U pending a price drop). That doesnít include the price of playing online.

So once again I ask, if games are what you care most about, are Killzone, Forza, Ryse and Driveclub important enough titles to get you to take the plunge early? If you play games online, wouldnít you want to play with a bigger pool of people on the current gen systems over the smaller pool with the next gen? Do any of those specific next gen titles have anything major over their competition (Killzone Vs. Call of Duty, Forza Vs. Need for Speed)?

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