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Being a casual fan of a casual title makes for one casual player. Thatís how I am with the Animal Crossing series: I get into it really gung-ho at first, playing every day for about a month. After that itís every other day, then when I have time, then trading it into Gamestop. I like the gameplay, the idea, the execution; but Iím not a fan of collect-a-thons. And thatís pretty much the point of a game with no point: to find all the fish, fossils, bugs; to buy all the shirts and decor for your house; and to make friends with everyone.

Iím not into collecting just to collect, but God if I donít love me a good loot game. Itís basically the same idea as a collect-a-thon, but you actually have to work for it. If World of Warcraft was just my undead priest walking around and shaking trees for epic gear, it wouldnít be nearly as fun. Instead, WoW and other loot heavy RPGís like it have you go on quests to get the good loot. What if Animal Crossing did the same?

My idea for a dream game is Knights Crossing. Basically, itís an Animal Crossing RPG. Allow me to get you into my mind frame for this.

The story set-up is simple: you are a recent graduate from the Swords, Wands & Shields Academy and youíve been assigned as a protector of a town in need. As in Animal Crossing, each town is unique with dozens of occupants to choose from. Before you ship off to your town, you pick which class your character will be: Knight, Mage, Thief, Priest or Hunter. Each class levels up to a maximum of 99, and there would be unlockable classes as well (Warrior, Grand Wizard, Dark Priest, Monster Master, Ninja).

Though each town is different, they all have at least these four buildings in them: The Shop & Inn, The Mayorís Mansion, The Pub, The Museum. The Shop & Inn is where you buy items as well as where your friends can stay (more on that later). The Mayorís Mansion is where youíll go to get official quests. The Pub is where town residents hang out and where you can get personal quests from the residents. The Museum is where you can display artifacts found on your journey.

Beyond the town, there are adventure areas where you can slay monsters and gather resources. These areas include a forest, an ice capped mountain, a field and a beach. At first, monsters attack the town until you build a barrier and recruit some of the townspeople to be guards. To recruit and train them, you accompany them out to the adventure areas where you spend the day killing monsters.

After the town is secure, you spend the days venturing out and killing monsters, getting minor loot, and gathering and forging resources. On your first Saturday (unless you start the game on a Saturday, then it would be your second), the townís Mayor will give you access to the Cave of Certain Doom. The cave contains a new dungeon every week for an entire year. At the end of the dungeon is a piece of epic gear. Each dungeon will be designed by a world renowned game designer, including Will Wright, Miyamoto, Yuji Naka and so forth. After you complete the dungeon, you can take quests specifically made for that dungeon. After your fourth professional dungeon, you receive ďCraft,Ē a tool that allows you to create your own dungeons and put some of your own loot as the reward. You fill the dungeon with monsters that you killed in the field and in the weekly dungeon. These user created dungeons can be shared online with the ability to upload one new dungeon a week.

That isnít the only online aspect of the game. If a dungeon or a quest is too difficult, you can recruit a friend to venture with you in two different ways. Either they play local or online WiFi, or you download their character to stay at your Inn, where you can recruit them.

As for gameplay, Iím imagining it being more action oriented. You cast spells, swing swords, heal yourself in real time; and time passes in real time no matter where you are (i.e. time does not stop once you are in a dungeon.)

Thatís basically it. Many aspects from Animal Crossing would be included in this game as well, including changing townspeople, different seasons, holidays, real world clock, clothes/armor designing and simpler tasks like fishing and bug catching (though in this game, the fish and bugs are not put in a museum, theyíre used as food or medicine.) You can also upgrade your house and fill with with furniture, loot and more. There would also be some secrets to discover, like the old graveyard in the mountains, the raccoons nest in the woods and the pirate ship off the coast of the beach. Lastly, each player character would be tied to their class & extended class.All in all, itís a game that combines the everyday tasks mentality of Animal Crossing with the traditional fun of an action RPG.

So to recap:

Title: Knights Crossing
Genre: Action RPG Life Simulator
Players: 1-2
Multiplay: Local & Online

Knight: Yields a sword and shield, a spear and shield or a mace and shield.
Mage: Magic wielder who carries either a staff or wand.
Thief: Hides in the shadows with a knife or dagger.
Priest: Magic user who is excellent with healing spells, carries a bo.
Hunter: Able to recruit one monster to join him on his quest, uses bow & arrows or a gun.
Extended Classes:
Warrior: Extension of Knight, able to dual wield weapons.
Grand Wizard: Extension of Mage, magic is more power and can turn monsters against one another. (requires collecting all the pieces of pirate ship gold after you reach level 21)
Ninja: Extension of Thief, can go completely invisible and carry a samurai sword and throwing stars. (requires completing all the tasks at the raccoon nest after you reach level 23)
Dark Priest: Extension of Priest, can now use dark magic in addition to heal spells (requires visiting the old graveyard on a certain night of the month after hitting level 25).
Monster Master: Extension of Hunter, able to battle with two monsters at a time, can recruit mid-bosses as pets. (requires finding all the pets lost in the field for the Mayor after you reach level 25)

Town (Contains Cave of Certain Doom)
Woods (includes raccoon nest)
Ice Capped Mountains (includes old graveyard)
Beach (includes pirate ship)

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