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4:56 PM on 08.18.2013

Imagine if you will, itís November and Call of Duty has just been released. You get it home and get ready to play with your brother or sister when you find out that in order to play co-op you need to buy the special Call of Duty Co-Op Controller for $29.99. Suddenly your already pricey first-person shooter just got 50% more expensive. That would be ridiculous, right? Gamers wouldnít stand for that. Weíd be up in arms about something as simple and basic as local co-op being restricted behind a pointless pay wall.

So why isnít there more uproar about Disney Infinity doing this?

Maybe Iím just not hearing it. Reviews for it have started to come out and many signs point to the game being great. The Toy Box mode gets to the bulk of attention for its limitless potential and several reviewers have spoken highly of the Play Set modes. Iíve seen several 9s and 8.5s, but this isnít a complaint about reviewer scores. I have to wonder for a game like this should the price of the game be taken into greater consideration when we review these products.

Of the reviews Iíve read and listened to they have pointed out that the game can get expensive but fail to truly detail that even the most basic feature of video games, co-op, is pretty much locked away until you spend more money on additional figures. This $75 game suddenly becomes $105 if you want to be able to play through all the Play Sets in co-op. This is because developers Avalanche Software limited Play Sets to only the characters who are featured in that particular IP. Yes, you can play co-op in the Toy Box mode with any characters you want and Iím sure thatís where many people are going to get the most out of Disney Infinity, but the 25 or so hours spent in the Play Sets is also a big part of this game. Itís where you unlock most of the exciting tools for the Toy Box mode and Iíve read playing through the Play Sets is a much more enjoyable experience when done in co-op.

Itís like Skylanders on speed. Yes, there are portions of Skylanders that are hidden behind the paywall of additional figures, but you can still beat the game from beginning to end with co-op using only the toys that came with the starter pack.

Maybe Iím making too much of this and Iím sure people who are excited about the game wonít care, but I feel as though this pricing scheme is reprehensible. Itís not completely unexpected given this is a Disney game and Iím sure Disney would try to corner the market on air if it could make a buck, but at what point do we take a stand against money grubbing developers/publishers that will use any tactic they can to drain our wallets dry? I know the price of the game doesnít affect its quality, but would it kill the people who are getting this game and possibly more for free to think about the real world cost of this game when theyíre gushing about it?

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