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There is injustice afoot and I am here to speak out against it. Here it goes:

Bane is a terrible character in Injustice: Gods Among Us.

There! I said it. With no other injustices to fight, I must go back to my writing room until next... hold on whatís this? Nintendo got rid of a bug in a game that allowed for male same sex relationships? To the moral high ground! How dare Nintendo fix an error in a game that allows for same sex marriage! Why fix it? Capcom didnít fix that part in Dragonís Dogma where you can get a little girl to give you a blowjob. They should stand by the error as a clear message to gamers that they refuse to fix bugs in their games if the bug does something cool like let a guy get pregnant. Clearly the bug is nothing but an homage to the underrated Junior starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. I canít believe Nintendo would do something like this, I canít... I canít... I canít, as a fa**ot myself, find a way to give two shits otherwise about this controversy.

As itís been pointed out before, the same sex male marriages in New Life presented a wide array of technical hiccups and issues that can make the game run poorly. But you wouldnít have known that reading about the story online because the only issue people seemed to cover with this bug is that it allowed for gay marriage, not the fact it can ruin your game. Just like with any other game ruining bug, it needed to be fixed. Would I have liked for Nintendo to include gay and lesbian relationships in this game? Sure, why not. In the same way I would have liked it in Fire Emblem Awakening. It would also be cool to have a gay option in games like Harvest Moon and Rune Factory. The truth is, Nintendoís failure to implement GLBTQ characters into their games is more an issue of what country they are from than with Nintendo itself.

Actually, scratch transgendered from that list. Nintendo has a long history of transgendered characters in its games, starting with the most well known in Birdo. We all know the story, Birdo is a man that wishes to be known as Birdette. This was changed when the game was released in North America so that Birdo was only known as a girl. Ignoring the fact that most of the transgendered people I know wish to be referred to as the gender they identify with and not the one they have the parts for, this practice of de-tranifying characters in Nintendo games has pretty much continued ever since. While many may see this as NoA straight-washing its games, I feel people should realize that these transgendered characters are comedic relief in the Japanese games. Itís supposed to be funny that these girls are dressed like boys or these boys are dressed like girls. Many transgendered characters in video games from Japan are the equivalent of gay men in early Hollywood films: they are there for you to laugh at, not laugh with.

We here in America like to think (at least those of us who support it) the tide is turning when it comes to the issue of gay marriage. 58% of the population supports it and that number is growing. 11 states currently allow same sex marriage, Minnesota is set to be number 12 and it may be legal across the country depending on how the Supreme Court rules. A number of other states recognize civil unions.

Guess how many Prefectures in Japan recognize same-sex marriage? None. Thatís right, the home of tentacle porn and used panties vending machines doesnít recognize two ladies getting hitched.

Here are some other fun facts:

Japan doesnít provide any family rights for same-sex couples.
Gays can serve in the military, but they can also be fired from their job for being gay in many parts of the country.
Same-sex couples receive no protection from the law in domestic abuse cases.
Japan didnít recognize sex changes until 2008.
Tokyo didnít host its first major gay celebration until a few weeks ago.

I was unable to find any information about the status of adoption rights for same-sex couples or GLBTQ individuals, though that country is running out of kids as it is.

Japan has made some concessions to gays and lesbians when it comes to gay marriage. If a Japanese National marries a man or woman from a country that does allow gay marriage, the country will recognize the marriage. Itís similar to what New York had in place not too long ago. Tokyo Disney allows symbolic same-sex marriage ceremonies, something Disneyland here in California doesnít allow and thatís the gayest fucking place on Earth.

So I get back to my original point: Would it be nice if gay relationships in New Life were a feature instead of a bug? Sure, in the same way I wish gay relationships in western RPGís amounted to more than just fuck-anything-that-moves. For as old fashioned as Nintendo is, itís in a country that is even more old fashioned. Letís hope that as gay rights expand in the real world they also expand in the fake ones that exist in my 3DS.

One last thing. To all the people who say Nintendo is doing this because this game could be played by children:

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