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I produce things. I work overnight to make a morning TV show, only to end up sleeping during the day. I sleep and play games.
My routine is thankfully broken up with adventures with Cheyne. She likes to watch movies too.
Games, dude. Games. Video game news is my love. I probably read about games more than I play them.

A friend/co-worker and I have been going back and forth trying to beat each other's Trial HD scores on Xbox Live. The video below is the culmination of hours of frustration, smack-talking, and eventual domination over his scores. It might be one of those, "you had to be there," moments... but it was still pretty satisfying to throw my Trials victory in his face. My top scores will haunt you forever!

In the age of hyper-consumerism my love for video games becomes an addiction. Some would argue the obsession stems from having one-click access to nearly every game imaginable. But I've essentially become a Pokemon master of video games. I buy games I don't play very much, because for some reason, there is this, "Gotta catch 'em all," attitude lurking deep inside. If there is a game that I get a modicum of enjoyment from I reward the developer... whether independent or big time commercial. Much of this is due to Xbox Live Arcade and the Xbox Indie Games store. A prime example of this is a game released a couple of months ago called "Space Milkman."

From what I understand about the game, you are an alien guy who has an obsession with cows, and craves milk. So you go through levels in a re-hash of every side scrolling and platforming game you've ever played in order to abduct cow for your own milk desires.

The game is fun for a short while, and tries to keep things fresh, with new platform enhancing suits for some of the levels, but the game play is just hum-drum (a 6/10). Yet, by being able to demo the game for a short amount of time, somehow I deemed this worthy of my hard-earned MS points. The odd thing is... I don't feel too bad about my purchase.

I'm supporting some Japanese indie game developer out there, to keep on working toward their love for video games. So what if the game doesn't hold up over time? It gave me a couple hours of joy, and hopefully my faux-funds, encourage SmileBoom Co. (Translated Web Link)
to continue working on small fun games.

By purchasing quick downloadable games whether through Xbox Live and other instant download platforms, I'm doing more than buying several hours of fun, I'm supporting gamer culture. That's more important to me than playing all the games in the world.