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copilotlindy's blog

2:02 PM on 08.31.2015

Challengers wanted: I am Donkey Kong, Death Incarnate

Mortals take heed: your day of judgment is upon you. For I, Donkey Kong, have come to deliver your destruction. And, lo, it is here in the glorious arena of Super Smash Bros where my fire shall rain down upon your ...   read

11:21 PM on 01.20.2014

Stop. Look around.

Here's a gaming habit I hope to break.  I often find myself racing through beautiful, meticulously crafted environments just to complete some objective, progress the story, or collect some thing to upgrade some other thing....   read

1:13 PM on 02.26.2010

My Expertise: The Guardian

Lost all your lives while playing Contra? Just steal some of mine. That goes for any Mario game, too. Got your ass handed to you by that last horde in Left 4 Dead? Here, use my first aid kit. Yeah, I know my health is ...   read

5:44 PM on 01.06.2010

Dear Gearbox: Borderlands online is a pile of garbage

Dearest Gearbox, I have not yet had the pleasure of making your acquaintance, so please consider me a humble fan. I'm writing you today on behalf of myself (and likely others) in order to rectify a most troubling situatio...   read

11:15 AM on 12.23.2009

Love/Hate: Assassin's Creed as a series

***Spoilers to follow*** Assassin's Creed is one of the most polarizing series in all of gaming. But it doesn't always boil down to you love it or you hate it. It seems like the majority of people recognize the flaws of ...   read

2:42 PM on 12.11.2009

Love/Hate: Realism

Like a million, bajillion polygons....awesome. I should really call this blog Love/Love: Realism, cause whoa dude: realistic games rule. Thanks to realism, I get to bound across rooftops in a beautifully rendered Renaissa...   read

12:28 PM on 11.24.2009

Introduction blog...10 blogs late.

Sorry. So, umm...I made a owie. I accidentally posted like a bajillion blogs (hyperbole) and never thought to introduce myself. I'd like to finally remedy that. Everyone acknowledge my trespass? Can we move past it? O...   read

10:41 AM on 11.09.2009

Stop being a passive gamer.

***Very mild spoilers for Uncharted 2 to follow – no plot stuff*** This blog post by Kauza got me thinking. He discussed the “mediocre” shooting gameplay of Uncharted 2 sort of smudging the otherwise brilliant image of t...   read

11:22 AM on 10.23.2009

Livening up the whiteboard at work.

My friend and I are trying to spruce up our otherwise boring ass whiteboard in time for Halloween. He made the badass jack o' lantern and I contributed the Boo. I might throw in a dry bones too. Any suggestions?   read

1:02 PM on 10.20.2009

Best Video Game Music Ever (You listen now!)

Simple criteria for making it on this list: does it have a knack for getting stuck in my head? Does it remind me of why I love video games in the first place? The following ten are all a given based on those qualifications....   read

11:08 AM on 10.16.2009

Did anybody else draw these as a kid?

Ah, 6th grade. A time of Pogs, Magic Eye books, and crippling pubescence. I suppose my own hormonal shifts coupled with the visual rhetoric of games like the Nes Castlevania caused me to whip up one of these bad boys on a...   read

5:13 PM on 10.04.2009

Nothing is Sacred: Meaningless Enemies

Resistance, Left 4 Dead, Ninja Gaiden, Gears of War, Killzone 2, Halo, any given WW2 shooter and virtually any action game ever made have one thing in common: hordes of copy/paste adversaries. Sure, this enemy over here ma...   read

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