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Coonskin05 says:

Whatever Happened To #2: Electrobes

// Submitted @ 2:35 PM on 03.19.2008

A while back Justice started a blog series trying to matlock what happened to Destructoid members that have fallen by the wayside, and thanks to the power of the Internet we actually got our beloved Tristero to make an appearance. Well, Justice hasn't continued the series in some time so I am borrowing it from him(hope its ok buddy), to try to find out what happened to Electrobes.

Electrobes joined our community with a series of how to be a groomed gamer, and eventually became one of the regulars. He used to host Halo 3 for FNF quite a bit, was a regular in the Unofficial Destructoid IRC channel, and was just an all-around nice guy. If you know what has happened to this man, please let us know, and if at all possible, tell him we want him to come back to Destructoid.

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