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Coonskin05 avatar 4:17 PM on 02.18.2009  (server time)
Prinny: Can I Really Be The Hero? Unboxing

The last 30 hours or so there have been a shitton of cblogs about two big games that came out yesterday, Lost and the Damned and Street Fighter IV. I'm sure both of those games are swell, but it seemed like everyone forgot about the game I was really excited for, the newest offering from NIS, Prinny: Can I Really Be The Hero? The Prinny is one of my favorite videogame characters due to his awesome high-pitched voice and hilarious conversation snippets in Disgaea. So when this game was announced I knew I would be all over it. But why would I do an unboxing blog about a videogame that isn't a collector's/limited edition?

Because the regular version comes with shit! Aww yeah. I wasn't aware of this until I got to Gamespot today. When the cashier mentioned how big the box was, I quickly got excited. So what is in that big fucking box?

The aptly named, Prinny: Can This Really Be The OST? Fucking awesome. Plus the CD insert features a fucking Prinnymobile, which makes it even more awesome.

Plus, the CD insert folds out to a 3-panel Penny Arcade comic.

The game box itself is nothing special, and has the same picture as the big box. One thing of note is that both the back of the box and the manual are in French in addition to English. I think NIS does this with all their games, though I can't remember the reasoning.

Companies like NIS and Atlus are true examples of game devs that treat their customers better than they have to, so please, keep supporting them by buying their games.

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