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12:01 PM on 11.20.2008

New Video from the guy who made that Street fighter video

Looks like TheSwitcher is up to his old tricks again. From his Street Fighter vid to his new video titled: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Stupidity I felt this one is his best one yet, and I do still have warm fuzzy feelings about this show. I'm going to need to watch it all over again now. Well here is the vid for all of you guys to hopefully enjoy too   read

1:27 AM on 06.05.2008

Very Nice Destructoid

So as I log in at 2:30 in the morning, bearing my pajamas, what do I see??? You guys made a fucking sweet change to your site, FAPFAPFAP! very nice look, and I hope the site will look more and more like that style in the future On a side note, the forums smell,   read

8:04 PM on 06.03.2008

My Upcoming Project

So after years of sitting in the bright starlight of console gaming, I decided to go back to the seedy dark side of PC gaming, my last "gaming" PC was good enough to run Counterstrike, Quake 3, and diablo 2, maybe warcraft 3 ...   read

8:30 PM on 05.27.2008

The Retroforce Afterparty

Hey I just Finished listening THE GREATEST PODCAST EVER and I just want to tell you how much I loved it, you guys rocked so much that I literary went blind! Keep up the great work and Here's to another 50!   read

7:08 PM on 05.27.2008

Games that people should play: Azure Dreams

Time for my first serious long blog, wish me luck! (please remember that it has been a long time since I played this game so I will be using a bit of Wikipedia for help but I will add my own color commentary) This game is ...   read

3:42 PM on 04.12.2008

Epic Post, 90% of all my classic games

Welcome everybody, this is a little bit of my childhood history I hope you guys enjoy my haul of sweet ass gaming. Time to go over some of my favorite games a few games that I would like to mention are Chrono Trigger FF1 F...   read

9:34 PM on 04.10.2008

Since the forums failed me :(

I asked this morning in the forums if there is any way for me to see who has added me as their friend because I hate one way love, (too many heartbreaks). and do you want to know how many replies I got at the end of the day 0...   read

12:31 PM on 04.10.2008

Can it be true? Chrono Trigger never hit Euro shores?

I was scanning the always accurate online dictionarry wikipedia and in big bold text. It has never been released in PAL territories.. I was shocked when I read this and I am deeply sadden that my gaming brothers have never ex...   read

9:14 PM on 03.13.2008

Not my Turning Point gaming rig

I need a new one!   read

8:31 AM on 03.07.2008

101 year old man plans to run marathon (NVGR)

alright time to finally dip my finger in the blog pond, going to try this thing out so please don't hit me with fail So in general 101-year-old Buster Martin plans on running and at least completing the London Marathon, he...   read

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