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A college student trying to stay as up to date as possible with video games while away from home (and my consoles).

Also an anime fan, if it matters to anybody.
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Because I'm away from home, and my consoles, (and experiencing a little bit of separation anxiety as I hear that my sister bought The Last of Us and is playing it without me), I've decided to make a list of the games that I'm most excited about getting for my 3DS, the only console I managed to bring with me.

I was feeling a bit of buyer's remorse at first, because the only 3DS only game I was playing was Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance. But after the release of Fire Emblem: Awakening and Animal Crossing New Leaf, which I thoroughly enjoy, I've been feeling a new excitement for forthcoming releases for the 3DS. 

And the timing couldn't be better, because are some great titles in the works that are coming out during Q4 2013 and early 2014.

Pokemon X & Y

The hype surrounding this game is ridiculous (in the best way). Outside of the new set of pokemon and a new region as per usual, the new features seem to be the most original and different of any new generation of Pokemon. A lot of cool pokemon type updates, too Electric-types can't be paralyzed anymore? And you all laughed at my Zebstrika. Plus two starters? Everything about this game sounds amazing.

Etrian Odyssey Millenium Girl: Untold
Atlus seems to be on a roll these days. I took a bit more notice of them after finally getting around to playing Persona 4. I'm looking forward to buying Shin Megami Tensei 4, and this title as well. I'm a sucker for anime-style animation/graphics.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Two Worlds
I've got A Link to the Past with me right now, which is unfortunate because it seems to have slipped my mind that I can't play it here without my SP. But I'm having a good time with it, and can't wait for its sequel. The art direction looks really, really interesting.

Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney
I'm a fairly big fan of Professor Layton, and this title has received a huge amount of hype in japan and overseas. There aren't many crossover games outside of the fighting genre, so a crossover puzzle game is something I'm definitely interested in. Can't wait to see Luke and Professor Layton face off against other problem-solvers. Should definitely be 

Mega Man Galore*
*Not the name of the actual title. But man are there a lot of Mega Man games coming to Nintendo eShop soon. I must admit, and this is one of my shames as someone who likes to pretend they're not a complete casual gamer, I have never played a mega man game. But I've got a few on my wish list, but maybe these new releases are my excuse to get into them. I've heard almost completely good, nostalgic things about them, so who knows.

Legend of the River King GBC
A bit of a random one to finish it, but to my knowledge this game is coming out on eShop soon? And to be honest I'm not like beyond ecstatic about it or anything, but man I remember this was one of the first games I ever got on Gameboy Color when I was young! All they have to do now is come out with a 3DS port of Gobs of Games and Monster Rancher and I might as well be 7 again.

The Gamestop down the street from me is probably going to drain my wallet before I even realize what happened. Seriously.

...as if that hasn't been expressed enough. But I'm just kind of entertained by the goings on in the video game community this morning and felt a need to toss in another opinion. Who doesn't need more opinions, am I right?

Almost immediately, and I mean immediately after GTA reviews began coming out this morning, I saw, not complaints about the game necessarily, but what I call criticism of the criticism. My favorite of the bunch was:

"Oh my lordy, the reviews coming in for GTA5 claiming how "sexist" it is makes me wanna slap something. Is feminism one huge trolling scheme?"

Which basically translates, in my mind, to: why is this thing I like/am excited for under scrutiny? Why question something that doesn't offend me? Everything that isn't offensive to straight white cisgender men is beyond questioning, correct?

Nah, I'm not so sure. And it's funny, because this argument seems to come up every time. People so often argue against the fact that someone has an issue with something, not even against the criticism itself. It's almost never "The game's not sexist, and let me explain why.", it's "Why do you even care?" or "It's just a game." or "You're making a big deal out of nothing." or my personal favorite "Games are made for a certain audience."

Now I haven't played GTA V. I haven't played Dragon's Crown, either, another game that suffered the same knee-jerk argument-against-the-criticsm. I plan on buying GTA V and playing through it as soon as I can, maybe once the audience reaction isn't so strongly melding my opinion of the game.

But what's interesting to me isn't really whether the game is sexist or not (Well that does interest me, but that's a post for another day). What interests me is that people who haven't even played the game, in most cases, are so quick to dismiss any criticism that a woman or a feminist could possibly have on the game.

I understand the feeling. It sucks to have something you really support or enjoy. But if we want video games to become more interesting, more innovative, more original like so many people claim they want, fans in general have to get axe the aggression in response to criticism and honestly say to themselves: Is there validity in what the person's saying, even if I don't agree completely? If I was looking from another point of view, how would I feel? What might this game/piece of media reflect in our culture?

Because creating more inclusivity in video games is how new, original concepts are allowed to get traction. And that's just my two cents.

To finish, some light reading/watching, for anyone who wants to listen to some people more eloquent than I am express their thoughts about about exclusivity/inclusivity in gaming:




Thanks for reading