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8:25 PM on 03.28.2009

Katamari Damacy Tribute song list (In English!)

Yesterday after seeing the magazine clipping of the song list, I translated them for all you Katamari Damacy fans. There's lots of returning artists but tackling different songs and lots of remixes of old songs as well as a few new songs too. I added lots of links to the bads' websites and some videos but Destructoid blogs take out all formatting so you will have to see my original here for those.

atom™ - Everlasting Love (atom™ remix)
AFRA - Katamari On The Rocks (5cm Price Remix)
Takuya Ohashi (from Sukima Switch) - Katamari On the Wings
KiKi Kirinji - Houston (Re-Arranged by KIRINJI)
GUIRO - Bluff Spirit (Refreshed by GUIRO)
Saigenji - Katamari Sword Song
Señor Coconut - Katamari On The Funk (Señor Coconut's Katamambo remix)
Hardfloor - Nana-Nan Damacy (Hardfloor Alternative-Remix)
Buffalo Daughter - Galactic S-O-U-L
Beautiful Hummingbird - Cherry Blossom Season (fanfare mix)
Horikoshi Wind Ensemble - Sunbaked Savannah High School
Shigeru Matsuzaki - SHADOW AND LIGHT
Kimitaka Matsumae - The Royal Academy Of Katamari (Kimitaka Matsumae Remix)
Micazo - Sayonara Rolling Star (Yuri's Mixx)
Yuusama & Natsukodachi - Lonely Rolling Star No More
Leah Dizon - EverLasting Love + You
Rei Harakami - Do Re Mi Ka Ta Ma Ri Do* (-rh rehabikitation re-arrange-)
Leopaldon - The Moon And The Prince (Leopaldon Mix)
YMCK - A Crimson Rose and a Gin & Tonic (YMCK 8bit Mix)

*A pun using the syllables of Katamari in the Solfeggio system of singing i.e. Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti like in Sound of Music.

I love that there'll be a hardcore chiptune version of Nananan Damacy by Hardfloor and that my favourites YMCK are doing a cover of A Crimson Rose and a Gin & Tonic from the first game.   read

1:36 AM on 10.02.2008

Nintendo DSi, a console too far?

'Nintendo has taken the wraps off its new DS system, the DSi, during a press conference in Tokyo today.

The handheld will be priced at JPY 18,900 (USD 179 / EUR 129 / GBP 101) and will be launched on November 1.

The DSi features a built-in web browser, enabling users to download games and store them on the console.

An online DSi Shop will allow users to purchase DSiWare priced between 200 and 800 points, with customers getting 1000 points free until March 2010.

The handheld boasts a three megapixel camera, and better audio capabilities including the ability to adjust pitch and playback.

With a slot for SD memory cards, users are able to take photographs on the DSi and transfer them to the Wii home console.

The new model has slightly larger screens at 3.25 inches and is 12 per cent thinner, but the slot for Game Boy Advance cartridges has been removed.

The new model will come in black and white colours.'

Nintendo DSi

I'm not quite sure what the point of this new console iteration is. It's all very neat and the price is only $180, but the more there is to a console the more can go wrong. Also, I see the price almost doubling in Europe. It's interesting to see that it has internet capabilities and two measly 0.3 megapixel cameras, but what will be done with that? Probably just 1 Wario game where you poke your own face with the stylus. The internal SD card capacity is just asking for more piracy and the camera is asking for DSes to be banned on trains (think about it). A console of this magnitude will not be able to avoid stuff like that.
I'm pretty sure it's asking too much of the DSi's software that you could take a photo, record a videos, write a blog and attach the photo and video and edit and upload it all, but that's the only use I can see for all this stuff.

Another -Ware channel? I think that might be a mistake considering how badly the Wiiware channel is doing, both in sales and critically. Will this one highlight the existence of the Wii one?

Official website:

Source:   read

6:00 PM on 09.03.2008

Singstar: Chad Concelmo Edition


A Whole New World
One Jump Ahead
Prince Ali - Aladdin

Part Of Your World
Under The Sea - The Little Mermaid

Hakuna Matata
I Just Can't Wait To Be King - The Lion King

Never Gonna Give You Up - Rick Astley

Still Alive - Jonathan Coulton

Aria di Mezzo Carattere - Nobuo Uematsu and Ted Woolsey

Track listing not finalised.

What other songs do you think should be added? What will the pre-order bonus be? I think a statuette of Princess Peach riding a Dolphin from Super Mario World. Even though the game is on PS3, Sony and Nintendo would be united in its awesomeness and it would happen, as well as cats and dogs living together and a Pikmin 3 Wiiware and PSN exclusive.

What inspired this game cover? This and this!   read

4:23 PM on 07.16.2008

Trophies on PSP all but confirmed at E3 today

Just now, the Buzz team let slip that Buzz on PSP will have trophy support when interviewed on Gamespot. Quite how that will work (entering your PSN ID?) I don't know. The trophies were for fast finger and lightning finger, for answering a question correctly in a second and half a second respectively.   read

2:43 AM on 05.13.2008

$160 Metal Gear Solid 4 Limited Edition

in Europe at least. Complete with European rip-off price. Let's see what we get for our $160 (£80):

Metal Gear Solid 4 game (natch) worth £35 ($70)
MGS 4 soundtrack CD
6" Snake figure
Making-of Blu-ray disc

*record scratch noise*

is that it?

I believe the US version is the same but half the price and has a nice artbook instead of the figure. At this, most comments were "OMG no way am I paying an extra 20 dollars for that" how about paying an extra $90 for less?

Source: listing

It's not camoflage if you put 20 non camo pockets over the top

Would you pay $90 over the standard edition for a figure, a cd and a documentary?   read

11:30 AM on 04.23.2008

Mario Kart Wii Impressions

It's super hard! If you're worried about them making it even easier than Mario Kart DS (which was quite easy) they've gone the opposite and made it so that you can be in first on the final stretch, then get blue shelled, red shelled three times, then get run over by a big character, run over by a bullet bill, run over by someone with a star, green shelled then knocked about by everyone else then finish 12th. It's relentlessly hard on 150cc, I haven't finished it yet because it makes me silently scream and want to throw the controller into the console. You'd think that if you're at the back, you can easily claw back to the top. It's not always the case, because more often than not, the other racers at the back have all the superior power-ups and smack you around with accurate bullet bills and stars.

The online is a lot of fun if you're playing with friends.. because it just is a buzz seeing their name and their kart choice racing around with you. If you're playing with strangers it's just like the offline, it's totally random if you actually win or lose and you can be 12th and get lucky in the last 10 seconds and get 2nd or be 2nd during the last corner then get smashed into 10th. At least it's still someowhat fairer than the single player experience, although I've heard that people are already somehow managing to snake.

The tracks themselves are great when you actually RACE (in time trials) and I want to unlock all the racers so it's very addictive. So I don't know if I love or hate the game. I think I hate it so much that I want to beat it. I'd love to know what everyone thinks about it when it comes out in the USA...

The wheel is pretty terrible due to the fact that.. well, it's a floating wheel. you end up crossing your arms and getting into a terrible mess just trying to steer correctly. You press A to accelerate still, so you're pressing your thumb forward into something you're trying to twist left and right. I have been using the wiimote and nunchuck which is a good control scheme. The only wiimote feature used is to waggle the controller to do a trick in the air. I wish the Gamecube was still alive, I haven't played anything but Warioware on the Wii that couldn't have been done on the Gamecube (and I would be $300 richer)   read

6:02 PM on 04.18.2008

Hard Video Game Crossword Puzzle!

Hi everyone, this is my first blog here, woo!
This is a crossword puzzle I made a while back when I was bored. You might have seen it on Gamespot (not likely). I wonder if anybody can solve all the clues :) Click here if you want to print it out.


1 The Prince of All Cosmos rolls these around (8 )
4 Olimar's mini army (6)
6 Magical Lucasarts adventure weaves a swan-song (4)
9 Aeris does this, get over it (4)
10. Earthbound protagonist (4)
11. Likes to ask sailors for directions (3)
12. Sakura's other rival (5)
13. There's always giant ones of these in RPGs (3)
15. Cursed boy (3)
16. Your ship in Gradius (3,5)
20. Mario boss named after a Rock Star (6)
21. Funky vector bunny (3,6)
22. Winged messenger, kupo (6)
24. Vampire huntress is magic with animals (5)
26. Infamous rune of Eternal Darkness (6)
29. Square's best kept magical secret (4)
30. Firefly-like creatures in Rayman (3)
32. These maniacs come in purple and green (8 )
35. Andy's buxom belle (3)
37. This martial artist is a demon (5)
41. Goddess of wisdom (6)
43. Fantastical dragon (7)
44. Arcade version of the Dreamcast (5)
46. General Pepper's species (3)
48. Overworks' world of sky pirates (7)
49. Norse god of of wisdom, war, battle and death (4)
51. A true Snake Eater (3)
52. Emeralds are a hedgehog's best friend (5)
54. Mouse-burgular (5)
55. Yuna's perky cousin (5)
56. More famous for Smash Bros. than Fire Emblem (3)
57. Safer I Fear Is this Wipeout team (6)
58. Buff brothers battle body builder Bill's bulging battalion (3,5)
61. Dreamland Penguin King (6)
62. Indiana hates this phone game (5)
63. FFXII's Leading Man (8 )


1. He digs your requests, not your lawn (1,1,6)
2. Sacrifice that casts a great shadow (4)
3. Mega Man's canine companion (4)
4. The Kid Icarus (3)
5. Dante's twin handguns (with 33 down) (5)
7. Arcade driving game made a splash wave and was a fresh passing breeze (3,3)
8. Soulful knight of a high calibre (9)
11. Bain of all evil ghost pirates (4,4)
14. Look behind you, a ... ! (5,6,6)
16. Hidden playable character in Final Fantasy VII (7)
17. Kylie plays Shadowloo Doll (5)
18. Othello with space ships (7)
19. Beauty Queen Ultimate Overlord (4)
20. Lammy's rival (5)
23. Heavenly game starring Amaterasu (5)
25. Colour of Flying Yoshi (4)
27. Dracula's son (7)
28. Kojima's favourite robot (5,4)
31. Medium-in-training (4)
33. Dante's twin handguns (with 5 down) (5)
34. Last boss in Punchout and Balrog influence (5)
36. Rock and Astaroth's weapon of choice (3)
38. Jin Kazama's cousin (5)
39. Psychotic lagomorph (3)
40. Samus nemesis (6)
42. Down, down right, forward, punch (8 )
45. A very BADD man (6,1)
47. Japanese foodstuff fights zombies (4)
50. Hollywood hacker game (6)
52. A bonnie orange ghost (5)
53. Dragon Quest mascot (5)
54. The girl of Link's dreams (5)
59. Central linking area in platform games (3)
60. Nariko's adopted sister (3)

Here are the answers.   read

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