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codespinneker avatar 12:22 AM on 09.05.2007  (server time)
Why I hate Jack Thompson and his kind.

[EDIT] YouTube hates to embed my videos so heres the link for you, it should work.

Just watch this videos my friend, watch the video. See the snarky Jack Thompson? Give the man a bone. This dog hasn't learned any new tricks.

I know that this is an old video from last year but watching it again just made me so angry. Here is Jack Thompson Touting his same tried and true bullshit and studies which have been disproven. Here is Jack Thompson blatantly lying and misrepresenting the truth.

I'm glad that Paul Levinson is willing to stand up to such a monster.

Jack Thompson just seems to have a way with skewing the facts so that uninformed viewers are confused by what he says and want to believe in him. To begin with Jack comes out and relates his video game legislation to legislation banning pornographic material and the movie rating system. What Jack does not seem to understand is that videogames are in no way a pornographic (For the most part) medium. How can one directly relate the two when there are very few major examples of any crossover?

Not only is there no link between the two mediums but the argument really doesn't support his side in the least. Does Jack Thompson really believe that because there are laws against it Pornography is not seen by minors? Come on Jack my boy I think that every teenage boy on the planet whether a gamer or not has looked at or downloaded porn. The vaunted legislation has done nothing to "Protect" children from porn; in fact if anything it has made them more interested in it. People always love to get into something which is forbidden.

The next point in Jack's tried and true argument is the relation to Movie rating systems. Jack seems to think that a teenager cannot in any way sneak in to see an "R" rated film but they can buy all the terrible videogames they want. To the casual viewer his point seems to state that videogames have no rating system and a child can just go in and buy "Super Cop Killer 9000" anytime they want. COME ON! I can tell you for a fact thats its way easier to sneak into a movie or even just walk into a movie then it is to buy a violent videogame underage. I mean all you do is buy a ticket to another movie and then walk in, nobody really cares. You paid the money so the theater doesn't care.

When I go to buy a videogame, if its "M" rated they will ask for ID. It doesn't matter how old you look they'll still check it. I've seen forty year olds get carded for a violent videogame. Unlike the movie rating system which is wonky to begin with, the videogame rating system seems to be very good at keeping games out of childrens hands, provided they don't just get their parents to buy it. Lets face it though, even if Thompson's ridiculous legislations were passed it wouldn't matter. Adults could still buy the games and give them to their children, its that easy.

Next lets move on to scientific studies shall we? Jack seems to like parading the same studies by the same people that apparently show a "Link" between violent videogames and violence. Well for once Jack is right, there is a link. Unfortunately its not the one he wants. The proven link is that violent people may be attracted to violent videogams not that violent videogames make violent people. One of my best friends had played violent videogames all his life and he is the nicest person I know. He has never gotten angry with anyone and he is a very calm person. I myself have played hundred of violent videogames and the only person I've ever wanted to kill is maybe Jack Thompson, but that would just prove his point wouldn't it?

The last point that I want to bring up is the one that Levinson argued vehemently over. Despite the fact that there are all these so called "studies" that link videogames and violence, the violence rate amongst youths has actually declined over the years. According to Jack's logic there should be a huge spike in violence every time more videogames hit the market, well no luck my friend no luck.

Throughout the entire video Jack spends his time browbeating Levinson and forcing his point across and the scary thing is; people really listen. People don't see the insane man we do, they see a man who is trying to protect their children. They see a hero. That is the scary thing. Because of the ignorance towards videogames in our society there is no true fair representation of videogames in the media. Look at Fox news, look at ABC, look at this latest Time article found here ( All of these places don't have a clue and they misrepresent gamers badly.

To alleviate these evil biases I present to you a very good link to send any of your fence sitting almost anti-videogame friends to. Just follow that link and there is a really good article debunking eight popular anti-videogame myths. Also send people to a great resource for the political side of our hobby.

Codespinneker out.

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