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I am like so hard core you know like I play Barbies Fun House adventure and like I think that the ponies are like so cute like I dont like know what else to like say like.
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Alright there we go, above is my twisted and warped God Of War Betrayal contest. It features a good friend of mines head atop of Kratos' massive body. Also it sucks but I'm not really one for photoshop and I must admit I'm doing this to win a PS3 in a contest, not to win the award for best banner.

Now the apology. In my last blog I ranted for quite some time about how useless bloggers should just not bother to post. This is a useless blog post. I apologize for this but I really want a PS3 and I really don't want to have to pay any money for it. I hope you will forgive me.

In order to redeem myself I promise that I will pull out one of my posts on a separate blog that I do on videogame violence and how much I hate Jack Thompson. I shall endeavour to post it sometime within the next few days but you never know, replaying the BioShock demo over and over again may just make me forget about what I'm supposed to be doing.

Codespinneker out.
P.S. Niero said that we had to make a header for our community blog he didn't say it had to be good. He said it was left up to interpretation and that is my interpretation. Also its not watermarked but I think it would be pretty obvious if that head started appearing everywhere so don't bother stealing it, its really not good enough in the first place.

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