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I am like so hard core you know like I play Barbies Fun House adventure and like I think that the ponies are like so cute like I dont like know what else to like say like.
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In my experience there are two types of bloggers. There are the bloggers who actually have something to say to you and there are the bloggers who just want to write about every little subject that comes into their ritalin depraved minds.

A serious blogger will usually post one or two posts a week at maximum, generally keeping quantity low while keeping quality high. This is a good thing. Do not become angry with those who do not always update their blogs. Sometimes they just don't have anything particularly useful to say so they do the smart thing and don't say anything at all.

The other type of blogger is the type that I have been seeing on the community blogs lately. Ever second post today seems to be a post explaining how this is someones first blog and how they really like action games and first person shooters but not if they're too scary and that they have been skulking around destructoid for months and just have never bothered to write and how they don't even know how to use punctuation. Periods are a good thing my friend a good thing. Periods are what give your paragraphs structure and stop them from being blocks of words.

You may wonder why I choose to rant about these two types of bloggers, thats a good thing. That means that you are A)Intelligent and curious and B) You have read this far in my blog. I choose to rant about this because I'm getting far too pissed off at all the stupid posts I see in the community blogs. Take a hint idiots, we don't care that this is your first blog. We don't care what you had for breakfast. We don't care about your cat. We really don't care. If you want to be an idiot blogger who can't shut up when he has nothing useful to say; fuck off and go play in myspace. See those blogs on the front page? See how well they are written? (Okay I'm being a little bit generous there with some posts but for the most part) See how they all tell us something we didn't know or reveal some interesting fact? Thats what a blog should be.

If you have succeeded in reading through this entire thing then congratulations, you are a new person. You may have come in being an idiot but you shall leave educated and aware of greater things in the blogosphere (Man I hate that word). To everyone else who managed to make it through this post without learning the error of your ways, know this. Every time and idiot blogs about something completely useless a small child dies. Think of the children people, think of the children.
Codespinneker Out.

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