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cinsoccer avatar 2:10 PM on 05.16.2013  (server time)

I was driving home from work yesterday and a thought occurred to me.  An analogy actually, relating video game purchases and relationships.

When someone buys a game outright, owns the hard-copy, it's like their in a committed relationship.  When someone plays games that the only have microtransactions (free-to-play,) it's like their one-night stands or regulars at the strip club.

I buy my games outright, something about being able to hold in my hands the item I've purchased, just makes me feel better about the whole thing.  That's not to say I haven't bought a few downloadable games (Torchlight, Costume Quest, Penny Arcade 1&2) but I bought the entire game, not just a piece here and there.  It makes you feel more invested in the game, like a committed relationship.

With these free-to-play games popping up all over the place, it worries me.  Is this really what that industry is going to become?  Are we going to come to a day when the option of owning the physical media we love is gone?  Throwing a few dollars at a game here and there so that the developer will come and shake it's cleavage in your face, isn't my idea of a good time.  I'm not saying I don't like cleavage in my face, I'm just not going to pay for it every time I want to enjoy it.

Apparently married people live longer.  Let's hope that more people choose the traditional relationship, and save this industry from becoming a bunch of courtesans that burn out and disappear just as the next one comes along, without ever giving us games that are truly worth playing.

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