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I was driving home from work yesterday and a thought occurred to me.  An analogy actually, relating video game purchases and relationships. When someone buys a game outright, owns the hard-copy, it's like their in a committe...



I'm not against pre-orders, making sure you get the game you want when it releases is a good feeling. What I don't understand is all of the pre-orders with in-game bonuses. The exclusive items depending on where you buy the...


Gaming Dad

I've been a gamer ever since I played Legend of Zelda, I think I was about 6 or 7 years old, at my friends house. I'm not sure I even had to ask for it for Christmas that year, since I had been spending so much time over at...


About cinsoccerone of us since 6:51 PM on 12.14.2006

First game I ever played was Legend of Zelda and I fell in love with video games then!

Game systems I own and the order in which I got them.

NES - In a box
Genesis - Missing actually
PS1 - In a box
Dreamcast - In a box
PS2 - In a box
Atari 2600 - In a box somewhere, very sad
(Xbox - had it, left it to someone else, bad idea)
Game Cube - In a box
Xbox 360 - In livingroom
Wii - In livingroom
PS3 - In livingroom

I'd love to have a room where I could hook all of these up, but at the moment not a possibility.

My son has a DS, PSP, and iPod Touch.


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