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Got into gaming around 1980. Adventure baby!
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Ahhhh DLC...DLC...DLC.

ODC is On Disc Content. I dont think that term exists but thats what I call it. Something happened to me the other day and I realized how crazy things are getting.

Here's a small example:

I walk in to a gamestop and see a used copy of Yakuza 4 for 25 bucks. (New on Amazon for 20 bucks but Im dying to play the game that week cause I had time in my life).

I open it.

I see a card in there with a DLC code for extra in game items and other things (unlockable DISC content) and the code expires in a few years (for unlockable DISC content). ;)
I know full well that the code was probably used already.

I put the used game for 25 bucks BACK on the store shelf and walk out and when I got home that night I ordered the game NEW from Amazon for 20 bucks. And the Code that expires in a year worked as well (and unlocked the on DISC content). :P

Am I happy with anyone? No not with Sega and no not with Gamestop.

A good example of modern gaming in a transition year. 2012.

I expect big changes with the next consoles. Nothing that would benefit me of course.

9:46 AM on 11.22.2011

An email to by best friend, un-edited, no spell checking, not for kids. Thought I'd share the rage:

I really need to de-hook my 360 and just toss it cause I'm just fucking pissed and sick of it. Yesterday I logged in for the first time cause there's this indie game that I want. I should look for it for the PC called Purple Goat or some wierd shit like that. Its kind of fun though. Platformer. I only had 10 points though when I should have 380. The indie game is like 240 or something.

Here's the deal:
I go online (with my PC) and I do a bunch of shit and I accumulate 380 points. (surveys, bing searches etc). over a period of time of 6+ months. I basically became a trained dog to get points and I got them. The whole whopping 380.

I logged in about a month ago on my console and it said 10 points. I was like oh well maybe it needs time to sync. I logged in yesterday and it still says 10 points. Fire up my computer and login to xbox live. 320 points! (what happened to the 60 points I had? Let alone the full 380??).


Fucking sick of their spam\market ad ridden console. Their next one is gonna be FULL of fucking marketing and ads, I'll be shocked if its not and on top of that they FUCKING CHARGE 60 BUCKS A YEAR to play online WITH ADVERTISEMENTS on YOUR CONSOLE.

I don't mind if they are "hidden" out of the way kind of like the PS3 or the ability to turn them off... but you fire up the 360 and Doritos and Dr. Pepper smack you in the face.


Just try and cancel a Gold Membership placed with a credit card...........thats another story.

Screwed again.

Looks like Crapcom is at it again. They seem to just not care...cause people will buy and be too stupid to realize they can't play the game once disconnected from the internet.

Why do they insist on doing such things? Do they think that many people do not care? Maybe they are correct in thinking that?

I'm not buying that garbage. Getting burned once by them with Final Fight was enough.

9:43 AM on 01.26.2010

I bought Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 on discount around the new year for the PS3. I started playing a few weeks ago and checked for DLC cause I thought OK, I'll pony up some cash to unlock a few characters....nothing. Then I did some searches and found some interesting news (see below). I also saw the usual ad from Gamestop about new exclusive characters for pre-order customers for Bioshock 2. (see below)

I then sent the following email to my buddy.
As far as I'm concerened, I feel like I just got screwed. So guess what, no Call of Duties and no Activision games for me forever. I can handle not playing COD, I got a million other games. Kind of a tough choice but screw them, I'm done. Activision can drop dead.


I saw this ad from Gamestop. Luckily its multiplayer but thats besides the point. This is absolute f~king bullshit. I should not be forced to buy it from a certain retailer because of these pre-nups they do with the publisher. This has really got to stop.

"Reserve to Unlock Exclusive Multiplayer Characters

When you pre-order any edition of Bioshock 2, you can receive a code to unlock Blanche the actress and Zigo the fisherman in multiplayer mode, while supplies last. Before you decide which edition to reserve, make sure you check out the Bioshock 2 Limited Edition. It includes a 180-gram vinyl LP with the BioShock orchestral score (good luck finding a turntable to play it on), an audio CD with the BioShock 2 orchestral score (don't put this one on your turntable), three vintage Rapture advertisement posters, and a hardcover BioShock 2 art book.

Set about 10 years after the events of the critically acclaimed Bioshock, the sequel will return you to the undersea city of Rapture, this time as the original Big Daddy. This one is going to rock your diving boots off.

Available February 9 for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC: Reserve now!"

So remember that Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Juggernaut character for pre-orders last year? Well.....not only can you not get that character anymore but they also removed all DLC from the PSN store (NOT Microsoft) for that game without even a reason why. So if you downloaded DLC a few months ago or pre-ordered it, your lucky to have what you have. All the rest of us are forever screwed.

I found this

and then the answer is here