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The individual known as chuckles is currently a college student majoring in computer science. He scavenges around to find new and interesting stuff on the Internet.

Useless Facts:

+Mostly a Nintendo fanboy in the sense that he only owns Nintendo hardware. But hangs with friends who either have a XBOX 360 or a PS3. His favorite games are Zelda, Tales, Warioland and Smash Bros. Addicted to Portal (that Valve game that rocks).

+Avid Programmer and Guitarist

+Enjoys the work of Sam Logan and the writings of Terry Pratchett

+Total Dumbass

+Is NOT a clown (does not take joy in eating children)

8:55 PM on 07.24.2008

So here we are, my first blog post. Huh. Not epic as many other things but it is a start.

You wish you could be this epic.

Basically the purpose of this post is to say just what I probably will be blogging about. Most likely no one will really care about it, but it feels obligatory that I at least say how I run. (For example I tend to type weirdly at times, this is totally not how I talk.)

Most of the time I will probably post about stuff I find on the net. It may not always be something that it exciting and new, but I like to put the word out. I will rarely find something that make waves in the Destructoid community. Trust me though, I will NOT be the one who discovers that Nintendo's making a new installment of Smash Bros that features Cloud Strife and the Masterchief. I am considering though making a column for websites that regularly update, something like "How to Be Entertained on the Internet on 10 Minutes a Day" (this would obviously not the be the title, hopefully).

Some opinions will also be tossed along the way. I realize that opinions are generally cheap but I think I may have some insight on the direction that gaming is going. Or something like that. Actually I probably am full of shit, who knows?

Other than that my rant is over. Hopefully I will get some better posts out as time goes on. Currently I have a full-time job for the summer in an IT department, taking up most of my time. Eventually I will going back to college and all hell will break lose.

Yep, random chicks with giant wrenches will come after you. Not even wearing armor will save you. Just warning you now.

Oh yeah, just to let you know, "Hello World" is programmer lingo for the output of a beginner program. (like a beginner post)

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