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This might be another instant classic like The warcraft ep. I guarantee it will show up here like the warcraft one. Just a heads up, comedy central 10p.m.est, 9p.m. cen. My blogs broke,so don't click read more.

Look I need to know if my blog is still f'd up, can some one click it and then PM me with details on what happened? PLEASE?

They had some trivia and prizes. I won a shirt some demos stckers and shit like that. Vid quality is kinda lame. If you have vid upload here.

I think at my GS they're gonna have H3 on Projector and multiplay.So i'll probably snap some pics off the fone.

10:06 PM on 09.19.2007

So some guy sent me a message online that said if you put "Make Xbox Live Free" in your motto that if enough people do it so will MS. So is this old news/Bullshit or does this have some truth to it. Maybe DToid could confirm thiswith Maj. Nelson or somethin. Theres nothing on his blog so I'd say this was bullshit. But who knows.

Wow, this week has been flooded with Halo news. Well heres some more. Discovery Channel will be airing a special edition of Future Weapons will feature Clips and Weapons from teh Halo game. Its sponsored by who else but MS and Halo. I believe they will be comparing Halo Weapon Tech with Real life future weapon tech. I forgot when it comes out but when I see the commercial again , i will update.