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My name is Chris Bradshaw

I've been gaming for about 20 years now, I regularly study the workings of video games everyday and aim to know everything about the industry and add to it the best I can. Around here I'm known as very negative which may be a positive thing to some people.




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If you have been following the headlines this year you should know that every major player in the industry has been reporting record losses, to economic turmoil and to stiff competition from the mobile market Apple has dominated in.

While Nintendo has been trying to prove that everyone is a gamer, Apple has proven that there is no such thing as a gamer to begin with.

The world of gaming is coming to a serious peak. While two years ago I spoke/wrote of a reality that marginalized the gamer, told of economic downturn and the future of Appleís dominance. Out of context, I was all ignored.

At one time I felt the need to tell everyone about these oncoming events but I was severely jeered when doing so. I have learnt the wisdom in just having people learn themselves in some cases; if my forecasts are correct, then they should be realized in the future anyway.

I have played thousands of games, read thousands of articles and books over the span of a decade. Problem is though, thereís no relevant real world implementation for all this knowledge it seems, and (worse,) no identity. So I pushed the gaming culture aside, moved back to Quebec, and prioritized my economics, relationship, and more civilized behavior with gaming never ever being discussed again. So for the past 2 years, Iíve been mute but with a secretive close eye on things.

But it feels wrong. My whole life has cultured me for thisÖ itís the path of least resistance, so I decided to return to gaming in general after a two year forfeit. I have something to give the world no one else can and while I will be distasteful for a lot people, everything I say is genuine conviction something that many reviews or critics have difficulty with, and seem to speak with a disconnected sophistication.

Love it or hate it, itís all real talk, so enjoy it.


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