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chrisbradshaw avatar 12:46 PM on 03.03.2013
Nintendo Will Ultimately Win The Next Generation

I'll say it now so I can pat myself on the back years from now, "Nintendo is vital to this whole industry".

I won't front, the gaming world looks bleak, and it would seem as if it's all starting to peak out. We have PS4 that was just announced that didn't really impress anyone but the quirky gaming community and if things are to pan out as usual, Microsoft will eventually introduce their version of Sony's solution.

Basically what we've seen for the last 13 years.

Then there's Nintendo, which once again will be marching to beat of it's own drum. Well, it would seem.

I may go on a tangent here, but why does the gaming community pretend that the whole industry hasn't been pointed in the direction that Nintendo lays out for them? Do we really need to go into where the thumbsticks, dpads or triggers came from at this point? Why do we ignore the fact that Sony and Microsoft released Move or Kinect? Where do you think that PS4 controller touch screen idea came from? Come on people.

But then, gamer say, 'we'll fuck that, that shit's not important anyway, have you seen Nintendo, those games look like shit on my 1080p... I just can't get myself to play them."

Personally, I battle with the same thing sometimes. Like, what the fuck is going on with this 480p signal, get that haziness off my Super Mario Galaxy, Skyward Sword, Smash Bros, my Mario Kart and No More Heroes. This aside, I usually am able to adapt minutes in and enjoy the game. I personally believe this has always been a resolution thing though. Because the games look great in 1080p, have you seen what these things look like in the Dolphin Emulator? Do you see what Nintendo can with just last gen graphics? Still I understand this Wii-specific problem.

So suddenly, next gen comes into view, and Sony shows off shinier versions of (what I consider) PS3 games. Sure, the gamer in everyone saw the reflections bouncing off every window of the multitude skyscrapers as the camera panned downward in that Kill Zone trailer. But do you really think that CNN, MSNBC, Business Insider or anyone else saw any of that? No. Graphics mean EVEN less this generation, if you haven't noticed. I personally believe that the stage is finally set for Nintendo to really take off... because suddenly the PS4 is starting to look like the PS3 which already looked a lot like the 360 which will look a lot like the next Xbox.

So think about it, who REALLY is the most cutting edge? The ones who change the whole INTERFACE of gaming or just the look?

Despite the climate of everything, my vote is once again with Nintendo with this one. It's not like they've reinvented the whole thing but it's the most important system I've seen so far. One that incorporates everything that has ever been innovated in gaming, in one machine. I consider it the ultimate game designer's dream console.

Also, I'l digress a bit, what do you think is going to happen to PS4 and Xbox style games once Steam hits the market? Just saying. I know that Nintendo will be different enough to hold there own. Take a look at the 3DS, iPhone and the PS Vita. Now take a look at the Wii U, Steam and competition. It's too early for me to put my chip down on anything yet but if Steam is able to take off in console market, Sony and Microsoft should be shaking (especially Microsoft). Anyway, it may be too early for this Steambox conversation. I'll save it for another blog.

Back to next gen; have we ever considered the finances needed for projects on a PS4? Or more importantly, the modeling talent that would REQUIRE specs transcending a PS3? Think about it, RE4, Vice City and Ikaruga are on PHONES now. Watch_Dogs is also on Wii U, Assassin's Creed 4 just got announced on Wii U and there's a good chance that Destiny will eventually be there too. How about Beyond Good and Evil 2? What super game will there be on PS4? Especially the Next Xbox- Cliffy-B is gone and so is Bungie too.

Personally I can understand constraints of the PS2-era but there's a reason why people still look at games made for the current tech, now almost 8 years old and still get mind-blown. How about The Last of Us? And if the Wii was any indication of Nintendo's ability to max out graphics, I'm sure we'll be just fine with Wii U looking ahead. It's the Playstation and Xbox brand that bring nothing new to the table that people should be wary of... especially when that Steam Box comes out.

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