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11:58 AM on 10.03.2015

Bradshaw Blog 1

Hello everyone and welcome to the blog,

The basic bio is really on the side bar of this blog but for the sake of this first blog, I'll write a proper intro.

My name is Chris Bradshaw, I was born in Montreal and my life is about gaming. I have been gaming ever since the intellivision and I play a LOT of video games. I game so much, that I've been called a video game addict, which I don't mind. Luckily for me, in this day and age, the gaming is plentiful and the product is cheap.

I've also been called a lot of things too as a result of my gaming views, but they're the reason for the blog, right? Insult after insult... that's alright I guess. fuck, at least it's something different to read, right?

For the sake of resume, here are a few of my favorite games.

Lufia: Rise of the Sinistrals, Beyond Good and Evil, Ori and the Blind Forest, Super Hexagon. Donkey Kong Country 2, Soilder Blade... etc

And tons more I'm not thinking of right now

I hope everyone finds the blog interesting at the very least because I have no intention of holding back anything.


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