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1:17 PM on 09.13.2015

Metal Gear Solid V and its lost identity

Big Ti-Oh I'm sorry I was typing while reading and didnt see you there. I usually reserve my writing about video games until the end of the year and get it done in bulk , but I feel this is something worth writing about atleast while all the net is still talking about it.

What is it that I want to write about you ask? Well its kind of this thing I noticed when playing the phantom pain , its something very similar to the likes of Splinter Cell: Conviction or Hitman : Absolution.  Ill get to it in abit but let me get this out of the way.

Despite What I have to say I will let you know that I still think that at its core MGSV is a game worth playing for sure , when it comes to its graphics , audio and gameplay its pretty damn polished. What I found to be lacking is the mission stucture and writing (charecters and story). From this point on I am going to assume you have beaten the game therefore MAJOR SPOILER UP AHEAD. With that said here are (in my opinion) some of the issues I found with the game.

Issue-1: The phantom game:-

By now you probably are familiar with what the definition of the medical condition of phantom limb is, but just in case I will tell you again just like its probably a good idea to tell you that this game was written and directed by Hideo Kojima AGAIN. From what google tells me its a condition in amputees where they feel sensation on missing limbs , in other words its a feeling on something that is not there. This is pretty ironic since the the further you get into the game you will have this feelin that there is definatly something missing wheather its story missions that will connect story donts , or most of big boss's goddam dialogue. Big boss is charecter known for his words how the hell do you think he managed to convice all those damn soldies to fight fo him. It isnt so much the issue that big boss is now voiced by Kiefer Sutherland( who will be referred to as Kief from here on) , its an issue that he has very little to nothing to say.


Issue-2: An open world stretched thin:-

The words "tactical espionage operations" can be seen under the games title on the box , they definatly deliver on that front. This is no longer a single man sneaking mission where weapons are obtained on site , this is both a good thing a bad thing. See my memories of prior MGS games involve me finding random useful shit to aid in my sneakage the further I progressed , its part of the adventure experience of the earlier games the furtehr you go the better the gear you got to match more dangerous enemies. With portable ops , peace walker and phantom pain its all about recruiting and assigning personell to research your better stuff. This becomes an issue when you realise that there are REAL TIME waiting times on the gear. Now focus on this one , if your game already exceeds 20 hours nowadays people are pretty happy.

Factor in all the time spent getting on and off the helicopter , running to and from and objective ( even with d-horse or d-walker its a good few minutes which accumilates over time)  , add to that the time you will spend on side ops which I dont understand why they are in SIDE OPS if you HAVE TO do them to progress just put them in missions. In the side mission invovling the recovery of the kids you can generally recover all of them withount the fulton except for the 3rd (unless I am somehow mistaken) some dipshit thought it would be pretty funny to put this kid on top of a tower , all efforts to not fulton his ass ended in killing a child which the game will remind you that you killed a child. The rearch for this thing that I just needed 1 time to progress took almost 60 minutes all for a mission that took 5 minutes to finish. I do not think that is good design.

You already have a bunch of padding here , then the game essentially takes chapter 2 and folds it onto chapter 1 to fatten the game. It was like an unholy combination of Far cry 2 and Alone in the dark(2008) , as in unneccessary episodic layout meets eventually frustrating repetition.

Metal gear games are known for the story and cutscenes , they even began to take precedance over gameplay the more the series went on(this is not a good thing , but its something youve probably gotten used to) thus they really fipped the tables here. So of the 30-40 hours (it took me that much) you will need to beat this alot of it is strung out repetition which could easily be substituted with some more story.


Issue-3: Bathroom wall story writing

If youve read this far you are no stranger to bad writing , but come on a vocal parasite and a Saddam Hussain ( big boss) double? It more of Far cry 2 and Alone in the dark-esque writing that result in a game which keeps driving you forward all for a dissapointing or lacking pay off. More on the bad writing is charecters written to behave very differently than you might remember. I dont understand why they had to turn Huey into Snidely Whiplash. Why is it that Oceleot and Miller basically do nothing. I think Boss and Skullface couldve been so much more with more lines , speakiing of Skullface why is he reduced from shadow operator to fuck up in mere minutes of you meeting him face to face. Finally on Quiet I honestly dont have much to say (eh heh) but they shouldve just kept her in the very first thing you see her wearing in the hospital.

This combination of weak story or many plotholes and charecters that feel off is what throws me back to Hitman: Absolution or Splinter Cell: Conviction , they essentially turned Sam fisher in that game from a pascifist to death incarnate and Agent 47 became Mr. Bean.With MGSV Kief never says the legenday "Metal Gear !?" line , there is no slo-mo mecha porno of the metal gear. More on that for a game called metal gear it barely features the damn thing.

I think its part of the issue of trying to tell a personal story of a fictional charecter. At this point the fans of the series probably feel they understand the charecter better than the guy who wrote him/her/it.


Alright then asshole , how would you have done it?

I can't sit here and tell you I could write this game's  story better ( did you read the stuff above , goddamn). However if I were to structure it , I do not think it should have been about Big Boss becoming evil. Hell , I did not even know the game was supposed to be about that. The trailers and the back of the box say "ALL FOR REVENGE"

Had I been the one that structured this game I would have cut mother base comepletly out , since the FOB stuff is not wroking anyway right now and honestly I spent most of my time in the field. The mother base stuff comes accross as some way to satisfy the clash of clans crowd if you ask me. I think they shouldve sold mother base seperatly and had ground zeros be apart of the phantom pain instead of being on its own.

Additionally I would have it so that Skullface is the one who reveals to you that you are not the boss despite this youd still fight him because fuck him and fuck cifer. As for Eli and his uprising I think he has a place in the game it just shouldve been apart of Chap-1. One last thing I would change is that when you replay the hospital mission I would have loved it if real big boss had David Hayter's voice , oh well.


So you hated it , huh?

I hated part of it , I just cannot say I hate this game after all the time with it( if you can finish Far cry 2 , you can finish this).

The whole deal of Hideo and his twists in plot was so goddamn played up by the media , that whole epic missing link in the story. Would you really give this writing a 10/10 ( not mine , the game) , but you have to give old jima some credit for making you love this franchise to begin with( and ofcourse all the other poor souls at Konami who worked with him).

There is some magic to behold when it comes to Saddam stealing Kim Wilde bootleg tapes from the russains and an eye patch dog, it everytime rain is falling and you look at boss and a buddy running back to the helicopter post mission. To say it in much less words: its a good game , its just not a good metal gear game.

As always thanks for your time.


3:27 PM on 12.30.2014

Most of the stuff I played in 2014 and what I think about it

This certainly has taken a while , has it not? let’s get this out of the way before I start to the folks thank you for the positivity in the prior blog post , I seriously meant to write more but I have been far more busy than i could have ever hoped this year.


Well holy hell was I wrong huh? so much for that next chapter in gaming I thought was going to show up in 2014 , if you ask me this year has more a less been a grand demonstration of how not to release video games. But for better or worse here is most of the stuff I played(kind of) in 2014 and what I think about it.


Console stuff:-


Castlevania : Lords of shadow 2:-


Just so you know I have never finished any castlevania game before lords of shadow 1 , I am pretty much just comparing the second to the first without nothing really else to go on here. The second entry is definitely a weaker one , rather than build on what they established they kind of toned it back to get even more people to play. Rat stealth aside the combat has been broken down into a limited number of moves and the game has some weird only walk straight parts , still I like that the game delivered what was promised at the end of the first and it tells a story about draccy that I can care about.

Opinion: Francis Ford Coppola's Bram Stoker’s Dracula : The Movie: The Video Game


Blade II


Your either surprised that I immediately went with another vampire game or you just did not know that there was a game based on the second blade film. A hidden gem(nope) that can be enjoyed on the Xbox 360 thanks to backward compatibility , this is does not really try to tell the events of the film again. Instead you pretty much get the Wesley Snipes experience with a combat system that is similar to Too Human but more functional. I like how all his animations are just like the films , also startopia devs made this.

Opinion: The second blade film is one of my favorites of all time however I do not recall a giant sumo vampire god at the end. Also xbox version is better because it has trench coat physics.


Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z

Finished: Yes

A bad joke is a joke that is not really funny and leaves you feeling insulted. This sentence sums up a lot of this game , it more a less plays like an asian themed splatterhouse. The story and characters just do not work and the gameplay goes back and forth from repetitive to frustrating. The one true draw to play this is either going to be arcady fun for people who want to escape the serious mechanics of the main NG games or just a chance to face off with Ryu , play it or not you're not going to be missing much.

Opinion: ……..

Time crisis: Razing storm

Finished: Razing storm campaign- Nothing else really

When you get back from work you may want to play video games but you might not have the mental energy to deal with an RTS or even following the story of a more cinematic game.

Rail shooters are pretty damn easy to follow and provide quick enjoyment , which is why I hooked up an older TV and explored a bunch of PS2 rail shooters. My rail shooting brought me to a used copy of razing storm , the FPS campaign is in its own league of awfulness. It’s that strange time when japanese developers were trying to make something closer to western games and shit like this is the result.

Opinion: Fake che guevara in giant spider mech , also most of his blabber is annoying rant laugh.


Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeros

Finished: Main story - side missions not played

Here something people will not forget , the time when they paid to play a demo. A very nice demo still , unless it is a secret or something I think this game is called metal gear but it doesn’t really have a metal gear? I dunno you tell me. It is a pretty game on whatever you play it and sandbox stealth is well executed. If you beat peace (piss) walker be ready for some dark story stuff.

Opinion: The slower you move , the longer it lasts.



I feel the need to tell you i bought some new systems this year , I do not think you care about what I think when it comes to the Ouya and I have not played enough to tell you what I think of the Wii U.


The focus here is going to be the Xbox One , some hopefully brief thoughts:-

It is not the system the media will have you think is the right purchasing choice, from the get go Microsoft did a lot to make you not want this system. Before you ask I will tell you that I guess I got the system because it had exclusives I wanted to play( at the time at least) , my main 3 tests were being able to play used games , no-region-locking and not being forced into online.


I have all that on the Xbox One , still cons include third parties not being on the same level with ps4 versions and still having to pay for online.


If I am not mistaken I thought consoles were meant to eliminate the pc related headaches by removing the need to install and patch games , you just put the game in and play. Not any more apparently , now all we need is norton antivirus notifications to minimize games at the worst time and video driver updates.




Ryse: Son of Rome

Finished: Yes

Further proof that crytek don’t spell check often, I would call ryse a bad game but it is not really a game if you ask me. It’s would you would call an on rails man-stabber , the pros end at good looking and well animated. The story is ye olde action with some fantasy drool , gameplay would have benefited from actual mechanics. You’re not selling me on next gen here and when this got ported to pc I was not at all bothered.

Opinion: The deadliest game of UNO you will ever play also pc version has nomad so its better.


Dead Rising 3

Finished: No

A welcome sequel . I always thought i would enjoy this series more without the stressful time limit. I want to replay this on nightmare some time since the normal difficulty is too easy , if you choose not to download the gigantic xbox one patch you still will have a bunch to do.

I find it odd this was ported to pc as quick as it was , does not seem like they really wanted it from what I can see.

Opinion: Dead rise , sales drop.


Wolfenstein: The new order

Finished: Yes

The wolfenstein before this focused on the occult with a bit of sci fi , this one goes full on sci fi. This is what I would call one of the better games of the year , but I can’t help but feel there was a decline in quality as the game progressed. It does what it says on the box , magic FMVs can try hard to kill the games flow but in the end its more a less a good A to B journey..a replayable one at that. I like the added stealth approach and Blaz actually saying what he thinks.

Opinion: It won’t save shooters but its got its heart in the right place.



Finished: Yes

Yeah uh...well ummm….being a master thief can be tough , especially with clingy ghost girl friends. People probably wanted something closer to human revolution here , this is not something I can hate as much as Hitman: Absolution. I think bad map design(pointless hub world) and glitches just killed off any flow here , the writing did not do much to help and the gameplay was not the best. If you are ever to play this , do so without all the fancy shit enabled and you should have something to move slow in the shadows about.

Opinion: Hand animation department is quite effective.



Definitely a point to be brought up in the “not a good year for Ubisoft” conversation , clock hounds may not be the best especially if the graphical downgrade turned you away. Still I enjoyed the game for enabling the vigilante fantasy and having a plot that I wanted to see play out. The downside for me was the game invasion not really working well , either way I like this game.

Opinion: That is not how computers work.



Current multiplayer level:  Dont know , dont care.

A game with pure generated hype , not much content and gameplay that got old for me. I will mention the game did get some extra content post launch and is part of the reason I got the Xbox one.

Opinion: I got nothin.


Evil Within


Oh whats that? you did not expect japanese developers to use ID TEch 5 , well neither did I. You wanted a next generation resident evil 4 but this is not that , this is more of a Mikami’s greatest hits. The story does not make sense until like 8 chapters in so be patient , I love this game for the swashbuckling enemy arenas and very satisfying gore.

Opinion:  Needs more spanish dwarf royalty.


Call of duty: Advanced warfare

Finished: Yes

Current multiplayer level:  Don’t Care

At this point there just not going to be that game thats like MW1 again , I do not like the story here you could play the missions in pretty much any order and they would make as much sense. The multiplayer does bring some needed fresh mechanics but they are eventually taken apart by old tactics that the franchise has become loathed for.

Opinion: Kevin Spacey.


Halo: The master chief collection

My progress with this game was pretty much handicapped by the state it was released in , this is pretty much the highest point a game can reach when being broken at launch.


The game content and patches will bring your xbox hard drive to its knees , patch after next seemed to slap the game back and forth between playable and not. From what I hear the campaigns have glitches that hinder progress, I cannot confirm this because I bought this collection for the multiplayer( I beat the campaigns on pc and xbox 360).


I at this point am grateful that the game has been sortve fixed however this is something that could have been avoided by delaying the launch and having a beta. The amount of data to be downloaded is unreasonable once you factor in the day 1 patch and the weekly patches to fix multiplayer. Given some testing and an additional disc for content they could have had a more stable launch and by that time the Nightfall episodes would be finished and could be included on the additional disc.


Having bought this at launch I can say it has been a train wreck in which I was in the front seat , this includes advantages like being able to see the forums descend into madness in real time.


Payday 2

Current multiplayer level:  60-soemthin I think

I chose to bring this up again because of the excellent post-launch support that has continued into this year , you can check the previous blog to see what I think of it(it’s cool). Cheap dlc and community encouragement is how to keep your game alive.

Opinion:  The drill is still jammed.

Remember me


Steam sale buys can be a tricky affair , no? a more a cinematic beatem up with a french touch , the gameplay goes from button masher to tactical button masher. It is ironic how a game that tries so hard to be memorable is so forgettable.

Opinion: The VCR sections of the game are so fucking tedious when playing with a keyboard and mouse.

Lost planet 3

Finished: Yes

Capcom decides to outsource this to SPARK and you end up with their most playable game yet. Anime mechs are ditched for space trucker space rigs , things go great with the space trucker vibe until stuff gets all serious. On foot combat is either tense or boring and never in between. I like what I played here its not lost planet 1 fun but its a message on family values and snowstorms.

Opinion: Dtoid comments paint game protagonist Jim Payton as video game Nick Cage.


Current Multiplayer level: Huh? You said somethin?

Not a game I immediately would recommend but it cost 5 dollars for a beta key or will eventually be free to play once its finished. This has nothing to do with Legacy of Kain , it is however a fun team-oriented game. Animations are very well executed but having to unlock classes is a bummer.

Opinion:  Not left 4 vampire but close enough.

Scourge: Outbreak

Finished: Yes

This has a special place in my heart because the scourge project : Episodes 1 and 2 came out some time back when I was in university , playing the improved re-release now feels as if I have come full circle.

The same game but with improvements and additional story to wrap up the game is what you get here , this started as their task to port the game to console but ended up taking 3 years to compress the game. Hopefully you can see the design PDF on their website which details the improvements.


This is pretty much a poor mans gears of war but the circumstances made this game I will remember , shout out to Starwars7 for the both playthroughs.

Opinion: Its that moment when you turn your head to the side and focus as if you can see through time and space , nostalgia.

Alien Isolation

Finished: I got the ass blood to prove it.

I am rather puzzled as to how people can consider this a bad game but you are more likely to have enjoyed it if you watched the original film.

It seems the developers have found the way to make a successful horror game and its not cheap jump scares but more creating the atmosphere of constant dread and stress. A lengthy and challenging experience with some great art design I truly wish the game had more technical polish sicne I would have liked to finish it without having to reinstall it 4 times.


The glitches and cheap deaths were not enough to kill my enjoyment for the game for me so I must have enjoyed it and the 70s VHS look is so welcome ,  when compared to a year of meh I can say this is my personal favorite.

Opinion: Don’t walk under vents that are leaking drool.



Once again there you have it some bad writing and bad jokes to help you in deciding what to buy/play , 2014 turned out to be the gas station bathroom on the way to what people playing games for a while imagine the next generation would be.


I am disappointed that rather than learn from old mistakes companies are either making new ones or repeating them ,  I do regret not including more in this blog post since memory and time have been fleeting for me. My final observation of 2014 is that it has been a year of bad launches , games delayed to 2015 and an oddly big focus on stealth games. I would like to predict what is in store for next year that way I can look smart if it happens, but I would rather leave you with some crappy fan art( mostly copyrighted stuff so please don’t sue me) and I hope that this year was pleasant for you. If not at the very least 2015 can’t be as bad as 2014 , right?


1:33 PM on 11.20.2013

Most of the stuff I played in 2013 and what I think about it

As another year nears its end the gaming media has to scratch its head over what games should get what awards. Rather than just provide a top 10 list of the best games of the year, Iím going to go a step further and mention as many games as I can remember playing. To accompany each game listed is a varied length of words of what I think of it.

Played on console (PS3):-

Anarchy reigns
Finished: Yes
It probably faded from everyoneís minds by the end of January. This game is obviously made with the multiplayer in mind since most of the single player content seems exactly the same, not a problem though since the game is a chaotic blast to play online or off. Additionally I can only think of one other brawler with multiplayer I played this year. My time with anarchy reigns ended when I reached rank 50 online, plus the great music gets kind of stale ones you have heard each track 10 times.
Opinion: Itís different and I like it, couldíve done with some post launch support though.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
Finished: Yes
Spell check does not recognize the word revengeance, But I recognize how awesome this game is. I recall people not being too happy about the games length; it lasted longer for me though since I played it on hard the first go.
Opinion: Yet another fun game from the same developers of anarchy reigns , another great soundtrack.

Army of two: Devils cartel
Finished: Yes
This game was pretty much buried by EA, I think Iíll remember how hard EA killed this franchise more than I actually remember playing the game. This is the only frostbite game I know of to have both dismemberment and splitscreen co-op, everything else is nothing new. Shout out to Wormio for being player 2.
Opinion: The overkill mechanic used in combination with an automatic shotgun is beyond awesome, the game however is lacking in content especially if the price is 60 bucks.

Ninja gaiden 3: Razors edge
Finished: Yes
A re-release of a re-release to some ninja gaiden 3 is beyond repair, I on the other hand could wait to play razors edge. This feels more like a combination of ninja gaiden 1 and 2 assets to me , thatís not a bad thing. Plus I like the story that shows Ryu Hayabusaís struggle to not die , multiplayer is nice to have but it was dead in a few months , didnít have that many maps , and those who still play just spam cheap attacks.
Opinion: I did enjoy most of ninja gaiden 3 RE , but the fact that they dlcíd the hell out of the original ninja gaiden 3 and then re-released it 2 times just feels wrong to me. Though this isnít that first time they did that.

Deadly premonition: Directors Cut
Finished: Yes
Ever since this games original release on the Xbox 360 I have waited for a ps3 version, 3 years later and I got my wish. It defiantly lives up to the so bad its good buzz. I wouldíve ultimately been disappointed with deadly premonition if not for its heartwarming ending.
Opinion: This game isnít too bad, right Zach?

Finished: Yes
This couldíve been so much more , I didnít mind the art style change but the final game much like Army of two devils cartel was just lacking in content. Echelon mode and and co-op(thank you Wormio) add a lot to this game but it is still not enough.
Opinion: This game had potential but EA doesnít give a shit this year.

The Last of Us
Finished: Hell Yes
A strange lack of zombies in the zombie apocalypse , but they more than make up for it with an interesting story. Not to mention a nice amount of blood chilling violence.
Opinion: Most likely the best PS3 exclusive this year, fake Ellen Page 4 lyfe.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist
Finished: Mostly (just the co-op missions to go)
Current multiplayer level: 30-something
This game rights a lot of wrongs from splinter cell conviction; it has defiantly brought the franchise back on track. It feels as if the games content can be completed fast despite that there is a lot of content available, each mode seems to be dragged down by the obviously rushed development. It is still nice to have a reminder of what Splinter Cell used to be, an overall good game if you ask me.
Opinion: You canít stop the blacklist.

Grand Theft Auto V
Finished: Just the story missions
You probably already bought this game, do I care? NO. That said GTA V seems to have had so much effort put into making a believable world , I think that making that world fun to explore was an afterthought.
Opinion: Does it even matter?

Battlefield 4
Finished: Yes
Current multiplayer level: 20-soemthing
Took less time to make than battlefield 3 thatís for sure , the single player is buggy from start to finish(across current gen consoles and pc , I dunno about next gen consoles). The multiplayer on the other hand does feel like an improvement to me. The weapon handling, movement †, and map layouts all feel better.
Opinion: If you are planning on buying this, donít buy it for the single player.

Call of duty: Ghosts
Finished: Yes
Current multiplayer level: 20-something
SAME GAME , SAME PROBLEMS(on whatever platform you choose to play it on). That doesnít bother me , what bothers me is the developers not fixing the problems after so many iterations in the franchise or lying about fixing the problems with the franchise.
Opinion: Woof .

Played on PC:-

DmC : Devil may cry
Finished: Yes
The strongest example of why you shouldnít piss off your fan base. Everything about this game feels off to me, everything but the gameplay. Iíd say at a lower price no matter how much you hate the new version of Dante , the hack and slash action should hold you over until the end.
Opinion: Fuck you.
DLC: -

Vergilís Downfall
I have no idea what this is about, you play as Vergil in a few levels(who handles totally different from Dante with less weapons). But yeah no idea when it comes to the actual events something about a heart and Vergilís mom.

Aliens : Colonial marines
Finished: Twice (ugh)
More than likely to be on peoples ďworst of 2013Ē lists , this game has too much wrong with it. The one positive is the multiplayer(whether co-op or competitive) can actually be quite fun , assuming you can get the online to work.
Opinion: Stop quoting Aliens for fucks sake.

Bioshock: Infinite
Finished: Yes
I just wanted Bioshock 1 but in the sky , the changes to the gameplay mechanics were really unnecessary. As far as the story goes I didnít like it nor do I care what it means.
Opinion: Your gonna play it anyway.

Tomb raider (2013)
Finished: Yes
More like Juno raider, in all seriousness though I like this game. Despite the difficulty in believing a woman of Laraís size can kill as many full grown men as she did , I did enjoy the combat a whole lot. It is too bad that Laraís early days focused more on filling tombs rather than raiding them. The addition of multiplayer was unwanted and unnecessary.
Opinion: Youíll want to protect her.

Sniper: Ghost warrior 2
Finished: No
I got tired of the single player campaign, it was a missed opportunity to improve on the mechanics of the first games campaign (which I did finish) . The multiplayer on the other hand has the downtown map which is great sniping fun. I spent about 7 hours in that before uninstalling the game.
Opinion: You donít really wanna know.

Dishonored DLC
Dunwall city trials: Great fun , great price. I wish all of Dishonored was one big varied collection of kill puzzles just like the city trials , Although I donít think many will agree with me.

Knife of Dunwall: Not worth it, the story is so brief (and is spoiled in the steam store page for the brigmore witches dlc) and only serves as a cliff hanger to get you to buy the next DLC. One advantage of owning this is that your acquired upgrades and chaos level carry over to the next dlc.

The Brigmore Witches: Picks up where the previous DLC left off , and chronicles Daudís journey to the island of lesbian Poison Ivy clones. This is a vast improvement over the previous DLC and has interesting scenarios and characters , itís a great good bye as the final piece of dishonored DLC.

Dead island: Riptide
Finished: Please just kill meÖ.YES
I have no idea why this was even released as a standalone game, it could have just been DLC for the first dead island game. Instead you get a game that has been padded like crazy , and heavily advertised for the boats which are abandoned a few hours into the game so what was the point on that one?. Everything about this game is overused just too many long distance hikes , zombies that take too many hits to die , too many fetch quests , and too many kill X number of zombies quest. Your brain will become so goddamn numb you will become one of the zombies youíve been killing. The sad part is riptide is not really a bad game per say , it becomes bad when you realize that itís pretty much like the first game but made worse. By removing features that introduced some variety to the first dead island , amplifying the tedium , having a lousy story , and horrible confusing map design it just all works together to insure all the time you spend with this game is going to be regretted.
Opinion: Buy the Dead island 1 Game of the year edition when itís on sale , and to the critics who said the first dead island shouldíve been like riptide YOUR FUCKING WRONG!.

The testament of Sherlock Holmes
Finished: Yes
Steam sales are a funny thing. This is the only Sherlock Holmes related game I can recall finishing , It runs kinda janky but thatís ok.
Opinion: if you are not planning on playing this game at all , at least watch the credits sequence on Youtube , it is amazing.

Metro : Last light
Finished: Yes
A very pretty game that oozes with atmosphere , but there is something missing here that was present in Metro 2033 I really canít put my finger on it. I think improving the mechanics has made the game a bit too easy , that said its still is reasonably priced (including the season pass).
Opinion: Pay what you think is right , still worth your time.

Resident evil: Revelations
Finished: Yes
This was a game many regarded to be the true resident evil 6 , I was very glad to be able to play it without having to buy a Nintendo 3DS. That said I kind of prefer the actual Resident evil 6 more , Revelations is good but itís a game meant for handheld porting it over means it has to follow additional standards. Still an alright game but not as good as I expected , stop making me scan stuff.
Opinion: Tight scuba suit and tentacle fetishes.

Call of Juarez : Gunslinger
Finished: Yes
Back in 2012 it feels as if Call of Juarez : The cartel suffered a lot because the developers were working on dead island 1 at the same time , this time its vice versa. Dead island riptide was a horrible game so that CoJ: Gunslinger could be great , easily one of the best games Iíve played this year with 3 modes that are all fun to play.
Opinion: Great arcade fun taking the Call of Juarez franchise back to the wild west at a low price.

Mars : War logs
Finished: Yes
I am going to throw sand in your eyes and bash your skull in with a copper tube , now Iím going to do that again about a thousand times. I am more impressed with this gameís engine rather than the actual game , perhaps one day they could make another vampire the masquerade game and use the full potential of this engine. Mars just does what it does nothing less , nothing more.
Opinion: Donít go to mars.

Rise of the triad (2013)
Finished: Yes
Proof that classic FPS can still exist , this is a great reboot of an old classic. The initial release meant putting up with bugs , by now the game should be patched up and with time it should be cheaper.
Opinion: Ludicrous fun.

Payday 2
Current criminal level: 30-something
Iím just going to say I like the first payday more , heists just donít seem to last in payday 2. Also the equipment and leveling system is a bit of a hassle if you ask me , that said there is still a lot of fun to be had here. The game has changed a whole lot since I last played it , but free DLC gives me a good reason to go back. This game will be on sale , when it is you should probably buy it if you really liked the first one.
Opinion: The drill is jammed, go fix it.

Call of Duty: World at war
Finished: Multiple times (Single †player on Veteran and co-op on Normal)

A special thank you to StarWars7 for recording and uploading this clip.
Opinion: This game has aged very well, it is still the most complete cod game to date(Single player , co-op , zombies , and multiplayer). Also helps that all DLC is free on the PC version.

Shadow Warrior (2013)
Finished: Oh god yes!
Most likely my personal game of the year , the reboot and new take on shadow warrior is absolutely amazing. The interfaces , the hud , weapon models , enemies , and levels all ooze with style. The even bigger surprise is the story being surprisingly mature and intriguing. More classic FPS goodness accompanied by a great soundtrack.
Opinion: You got the touch, you got the power
When all hell's breakin' loose
You'll be riding the eye of the storm.

Alien Rage: Unlimited
Finished: Yes
This is bodycount in space , with aliens instead of hired goons. Easily City Interactiveís best game this year , But I donít think you give a shit.
Opinion: How the hell did you get Brian Bloom to voice the main character?

Saints Row 4
Finished: Pending (currently mid-co-op playthrough)
A special thanks to co-optimus for giving me a free copy of this game, Otherwise I would have not played it. To me this game at first seemed to be just a rehash of saints row 3 , its not and there is enough here that is different (at least from what Iíve played so far). Unfortunately the game seems to be buggier than saints row 3.
Opinion: I LIKE THIS MORE THAN GTA V, Buy when cheaper and play in co-op.

Finished: Yes
A rough around the edges experience that is more fun to play than it is to watch (Since the gameplay video make it look bad). This is a lot better if you are into the comics really. The keyboard and mouse configuration is absolutely horrible.
Opinion: Recommended for Deadpool fans at a cheaper price.

Batman : Arkham origins
Finished: Yes
This really feels more like a combination of Arkham asylum and Arkham city, an early look at Batmanís career that not everyone may not need but they deserve. What impresses me is the amount of non-batman characters that you can play is in this batman game(About 4) , not to mention the mode variety. Though the game is slightly held back by an over use of cutscenes to explain how Batman gets from point A to point B , Along with some technical blemishes because this was obviously rushed. If you disagree with what I just said , we can at least agree that Troy Bakerís performance as the joker can only be described as magical.
Opinion: Itís simple we uh buy the batman. Also give the online a chance, splash damage are misunderstood artists if you ask me.

Finished: Yes
A better alternative to Amnesia: A machine for pigs , still suffers from being too linear. But overall I think this is currently the best looking game in the walk in a straight line until spooky stuff happens genre.
Opinion: Batteries running low , better switch them.

There you have it , a whole bunch of opinions you didnít ask for just like some sequels this year. That said I think the games this year were better than last year , and now with the next generation systems coming out perhaps this means a new chapter for the industry or just more of the goddamn same old same old. I am already looking forward to some titles next year and Iíd like to see more improvement, one thing that wonít be improving any time soon is my typing thatís for sure. If you read this far I hope my mostly brief summaries help your purchasing decisions , if not than thanks for your time.   read

4:20 AM on 11.13.2013

The definitive version of Call of Duty Ghosts does not yet exist

The next generation is just around the corner, its times like this when the internet goes slightly wild with news related to the upcoming gaming consoles. In this case those consoles just happen to be the Xbox One and the Playstation 4. There are some people who can afford to own both and there are some people who can only afford one of them , for those who only have a choice of one the pros and cons of each gaming system seem to sway their purchasing decision back and forth. By now there is probably a whole list of items that one needs to take into consideration, but the main focus here is the ruckus thatís stirred up over which system will have the better version of the latest Call Of Duty. What follows is why I think no system will have the better version.

From Black Ops 2 people had more than enough with the call of duty franchise, so you can imagine how sick and tired people were with announcement of call of duty ghosts at the time. This was supposed to be a new chapter for the franchise, but that hope was shattered when they had announced it is just running on an updated engine and not a new one. The skepticism and hatred once again began to snowball leading up to the launch of Ghosts, and once again it was justified and once again nobody really cared. However this is a special occasion because COD Ghosts launches during the transitional period between generations. Somehow the franchise that is often mocked for its dated engine and graphics is now being compared on both systems for its framerate and resolution.

The slightest peep of Ghosts running on one system better than the other seems to generate pointless debates on what system is better(mainly in Youtube comments from what Iíve seen) ,but not many people seem to bring up how the game doesnít improve on much previous iterations in the franchise. And this is by no means the first time this has happened, if you look back to Black ops 1 and Modern Warfare 3 you should be able to see the setbacks. For example removing custom emblems, bringing back quick scoping, party modes such as gungame being on regular sized maps instead of smaller maps, the return of unbalanced killstreak rewards, and even the freaking main menu in MW3 was a step back.
Call of Duty Ghosts represents yet another setback for the franchise in terms of yet again removing custom emblems, quick scoping still present despite the promise of its removal, less players, less choice in the single player campaign, less multiplayer modes, not to mention the blatant reuse of Modern Warfare 2 assets etcÖ Yet the game is still an argument point for some people on what makes the PS4 or Xbox One better because it has the slightly better looking version. The resolution and framerate just donít seem like something that will matter when your being cheated out of your kills or spawned right in front of enemies despite the map being bigger with tons more safe points the game could spawn you at.

If you read this far you probably may get the impression that I donít particularly like the Call of Duty franchise, on the contrary I have bought and played all of them from Modern Warfare 1 All the way to Ghosts with varying degrees of regret. But if you donít see it by now my point here is to try to show you that it arguing over a games resolution or framerate on a console over another doesnít matter if that game isnít really worth arguing over. Especially if you donít really spend time with Call of Duty Ghosts Multiplayer and give up early due to frustration then what will it matter? †, that is not to say it is entirely pointless to ague since these systems cost 400-500 dollars at launch, thus people expect to get their moneyís worth. This I can entirely understand, But there are other more important factors you can base your purchasing decision on(look them up Iím sure youíll find something).

This doesnít only apply to Call of Duty Ghosts really , Battlefield 4ís single player campaign is often used in graphical comparisons but they donít mention how the campaigns storyline is convoluted , or the campaigns overabundance of scripted sequences, or how it ends abruptly. The jump to the next generation shouldnít just be about how good things look(you would think people wouldíve learnt this from the Nintendo Wiiís success) games should play better as well as look and sound better. This is why I feel as if no system will have the better version of Call of Duty ghosts because all versions will have the same predictable(sometimes fun) but ultimately by the numbers campaign, and if the multiplayer still has the same issues what will all the arguing over which version looks better matter?

In the end if you want to buy Call of Duty Ghosts or the next Call of Duty(already announced for 2014) †go right on ahead, Iím not here to tell you what you should or shouldnít buy who the hell am I to do that?. Iím simply saying which version looks better will not matter if the game still has the same ideas, and features keep being introduced and then taken away(such as the pick 10 system or custom emblems) these features should stack from release to release. Graphics are still a factor especially if the franchise is known for good graphics, but even the best looking game is hard to enjoy if it is plagued by the same old issues, and the gameplay is just stale. I really wish I couldíve said that in less words( and better writing), if you read the whole thing thank you for your time and if I aggravated anyone with this I sincerely apologize.   read

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