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8:07 AM on 10.13.2008

My Toys R Us Loot - Rate it

Even though I didn't need to spend the money, I couldn't pass up the Toys R Us sale this weekend. I easily spent an hour in the store walking around trying to make this difficult decision. I didn't pick any games that require Xbox Live Gold as I don't have a subscription otherwise my selection might have been different.

First off, I needed a game to fill the hole in my heart that requires unbridled violence and destruction so I grabbed Mercenaries 2. There's not much else to say about this choice. It's gratuitous violence with a slightly cheesy plot to give an excuse for more violence.

There must be a yin for every yang so to counter out my last choice I picked Tales of Vesperia. RPG's for the 360 are slim pickings and as I get older my patience for standard RPGs wanes. Luckily the real time combat helps keep detracted from the standard RPG grind. The item creation has been a favorite of mine since I first played Star Ocean 2 on the PS2 and continues to be a fun time sink.

My weakest choice by far is Lego: Batman. I know I'll have fun with the game but I also know it will be a short trip. Maybe I can squeeze about 10 hours out of the game. There are a freakin' lot of extras to be unlocked but all I care about is unlocking the characters and I probably will lose interest half way through it. The great thing about this game is that the resale value isn't going to drop before I finish it, especially with Christmas around the corner. The joy of being batman in a lego world is worth the price of admission and the resale value will make up from the short gameplay.

Runner Ups: Burnout: Paradise looked oh so tempting especially with the new DLC coming out for it. The problem was the game was too cheap. The inner scrooge in my could not buy two $60 games then have my free game be a $30 game, it's just not right. Maybe when I resale Lego: Batman I'll pick up Burnout. I looked for a copy of the new Silent Hill game as well but they didn't even carry it (or maybe it's not out yet).

I went for games with varied gameplay and good resale value. Overall I'm pretty happy with my selection.   read

9:26 AM on 10.10.2008

The evolution of MK artwork

Take a look at the new MKvsDC boxart art. Go ahead, I'll wait.

It looks good, right? Now take a look at what use to pass for quality MK work back in the 90's.
Gaze into Johnny Cage's eyes. Those are the eyes of a stone cold killer. And is it just me, or is Raiden a woman in that picture??

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