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ceark avatar 2:53 AM on 06.13.2008  (server time)
The REAL Cblogs of 06.12.08

The last recap is actually the recap of 6.11.08, improperly dated lolz

Also. You guys need to stop posting so much shit Thursday through saturday. Can't ya'll save it for sunday through monday?

Also. Fuck you best buy. I never ever wait in line for shit. I was planning on just buy MGS4 later on. But then I figured "What the hell, lets get MGS4 signed by some peoplez at the West Hollywood Release." And after 5 goddamn hours what do I get? 5 hours of lost sleep, a copy of the game UNSIGNED because you idiots don't know how to organize a signing and decided to can the signing part after only AN HOUR (and without clearly telling people waiting around). What the hell did I wait in line for? Incompetent morons.

*- NYC Kojima Signing
*- Yojimbo wants to kick your ass
*- Evila makes a TEO pictoblog
*- Phist touches a God

A- Awful Licensed Soundtracks (koobert)
A- A Long Blog about GTA (dronkmonk)
M- Christmas 19XX(zombieplatypus)
M- Zelda (craineum)
M- Commodore 64 (agentmoo)
M- No Game (Sevink)
M- Halo Multiplayer
P- Failcast 11 Beta

I thought this was over?
TEO- timelyhoward
TEO- Haruna
TEO- sedidwif
TEO- boojum
TEO- jsweetcakes37
TEO- salty soil
TEO- djp192
TEO- elsng
TEO- bagajutsu

E- Pre Pax Party
F- Educate yourself FNF
F- TFTuesdays
C- Old Gamers
C- Nerds
I- Evila

N- wario land wii
N- EU Releases
N- new ps3 bundles.
N- Turbenegro in Rockband
N- PSN Updates
N- may NPD numbers
N- Rockband DLC Update
N- Street Fighter II HD Turbo Release Date
V- Pyroracer
V- Forced Unleashed
T- ninja gaiden 2
T- the price of rape (of your wallet)
T- ps3z
T- assassin's creed
T- some 2d games you can get cheap at walmart
T- accessibility of fighting games
T- Illusion of Freedom in Games
T- Capcom is watching you
T- deadspace
T- bloodymare
T- superman returns
T- castlequest
T- dreamcast
T- blastwords
MGS4- #1
MGS4- #2
MGS4- walmart bundle info
MGS4- #4
MGS4- #5
MGS4- #6
MGS4- #7
MGS4- #8
MGS4- #9
MGS4- #10
MGS4- #11
MGS4- #12
MGS4- #13
MGS4- #14

F- The Hulk
S- ATI Radeon HD 4800 Perfomance #s

V- something about gamers and guns
V- When JT talks to god
V- top ten goriest games
V- Ninjas
C- #1
?- bioapocalypse?
?- ?
?- ?
?- ?+?
?- some g4 contest
?- ?
?- cellphones and xbox360 graphics?
?- your numbers seem a little off
?- ?
?- somthing about haunted mansion

F- i'm just gonna assume this fails


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