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ceark avatar 12:28 AM on 09.02.2008  (server time)
Pax Panoramic Recap (EPIC)

Pax was EPIC. Seriously, it was one of the best trips I've ever taken. It was great to meet all you destructoiders and I look forward to it again and again. You guys are all freaking awesome, fun, amazing, etc. in every way I imagined ya'll to be. To all you who didn't make it out, hopefully you learn from the mistake of not going.

As usual, all photos were taking on my cellphone so expect some grainy crap.

I just wanted to hilite how awesome taumpytears lodgings was.

view from taumpytears window

another view from taumptyears window

room i shared with hamza, guitaratomik, and dr. tactix. not as bad ass, but free atleast

Exploring Seattle
There were moments before and after the conferance spent exploring Seattle abit.

monorail station

monorail station

on the monorail

sci fi museum

sci fi museum


outside convention center

seattle library

at the pier market

Gatherings (Lunches, Dinners, and Drinking)

PAX 08

the convention center


suffocat powerglove nintendoll and on other dtoider (I can't tell in the picture to blurry =P) on Rockband 2

fallout 3 trailer

late night outside convention center

convention center park pavilion

Dtoid Panel

330 Degree Showroom Floor Center

Tactix, Suffocat, Dexter, and Lib on Rockband 2


one ups

Jonathan Coulton and Felicia Day


Minibosses FUCK YEAH!


chad's adopted dolphin

booth babes really are hot

rick rolled by jonathan coulton

the one ups!

jonathan coulton!

it actually spewed gatorade

fuck yeah!

the asian crew + itemforty


Michael Phelps of Dungeon runners

Cheers Destructoid


Fruit Fucker Print, Street Fighter Tribute (1/3 fucking awesome 2/3s crap), SF Comic with Requested Drawing on Back (Morrigan Fuck yeah!)

One Ups V 1 and 2 signed, Minibosses Signed, Anamanaguchi Signed

Maken X, PSO DC, Threads of Fate, Saga Frontier, Phantasy Star Portable JP, Phantasy Star 2, 3, and 4, Sins of a Solar Empire

Pacman Shotglasses, The cork from the Champagne celebration with Dtoid, Vault Dweller's Guide, Aion Bracelet, Stardock usb thingy, skull bracelet won at gameworks (rio, guitar, suffocat, and chad have matching ones), kick ass pigeon smoking a cigarette wallet

Minibosses Shirt Signed, Jonathan Coulton Shirt Signed, Anamanaguchi Shirt, Dawn of War Shirt, The Code Shirt

Orange Knight, Signed

The best swag of it all, DS Signed by Niero. If I only got to keep one piece of swag, this would be it.

if anyone would like any higher res's just let me know

Random Quotes:
-...hmmmm...taco meat...
-damnit rio jacked my box again
-apply ointment daily. don't worry, it happens to a lot of people
-one man's treasure, another woman's pleasure
-taking a dump gets my heart rate to 140 bpm
-you might have to sell a kidney. I can help you with that, I have medical training.
-souplantation is AMAZING!
-this may be heaving, but probably not cause I'm not going there.

Cblog Recaps. I discussed the future of this with Conrad at PAX. Basically, this going to be taken over by Conrad managing a bunch of community members doing it from now on. I'm going to finish setting up the account in the next day or 2 and hand over the keys to Conrad. It's been great providing the service to DToid, and I feel really great hearing that I managed to do it long enough that people want it to stay around. But in all honesty, my time nowadays is occupied by many art projects (several of which are dtoid-centric), and it's better if I hand the recap reins over to Conrad so that I may better focus on these projects.

shoutouts pt.1
I have so many shoutouts. but it's time for bed so that will come later.

-Niero, thanks for making this all possible. I probably would never have met so many great people and made so many friends in the last year if it wasn't for DTOID.

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