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dtoid year 2 comic

- my name is ark.
- my handle is ceark. it's pronounced say-ark. this is also my psnid/gamertag
- i'm a 27 years old artist.
- destructoid member since it's year 1.

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1:14 AM on 06.21.2008

That is all. continue on your merry little way. SCWP has ya'll covered tomorrow.

*- Dtoid wallpaper update
*- yeah for izuna's bigger tits
*- Trog-Spore
*- I loled. hard.

S- 10 things I learned this week (aborto the fetus)
S- Ready to Friday (Topher Cantler)
M- romance of 3 kingdoms (dagerr)
M- Start of an Affair (Pez)
M- text, point and click (brad nicholson)

C- Superflossy wants to sex you up with a kick ass MGS shirt (6.20)
C- June Xbox Scavenger Hunt (End of June)
C- Conrad wants to give you an XBOX (June 23rd)
over9000- g.cobra
over9000- shinsune
over9000- nibbles
over9000- boxtor
over9000- furiosgeorge

E- VGL toronto
F-0FNF tf2
F- EU Halo FNF
F- ps3 FNF
F- EU ps3 FNF
C- what wexx does in orlando
C- list of shame
C- I sould fail you for doing this
C- no time to rpg
C- A Long BLog about something (didn't have time to read, sorry)
C- ocified xboxer is greatful for something
I- ludwig von robotnick

N- megaman 9 leaked screens?
N- resistance 2 beta code giveaway
N- disgaea 3 gets release date and price
N- Batsu and Tekkaman in TvC
N- hello kitty ds
N- Exclusive Demo on Qore
N- 2k removes bioshock drm
N- xbox live deal
N- free game offer for canadians
N- UK Bargains
N- Xplosion (battlefield ads)
V- ufc2009
R- GT5 Prologue
T- mkwii
T- skycrawlers
T- master of magic
T- demo achievements
T- what reaprar said
T- spore cc
T- spore CC
T- spore cc
T- spore cc
T- metal gear spore lolz
T- gameindustry going to hell, casual gamers still safe.
T- ninja gaiden 2
T- what capcom needs to do with biohazard
T- megaman
T- tales of vesperia demo impressions
T- lolz. teenage pregnancy pact

F- Mark Payne. Or Max Wahlberg
S- rubber chocobo!
S- FFVI Gamer Tat
S- new gamer shirts
S- we got deathstar

R- Euro 2008
R- mutant chronicles
V- more crazy japanese shows
V- awesome Gaiden Video
C- #1
C- #2
C- #3
C- #4

F- #1
F- #2
F- #3
F- #4
F- #5 (slow)
F- #6
F- #7
F- #8


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