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ceark avatar 3:48 AM on 06.20.2008  (server time)
Cblog of 06.19.08

Cblog recaps will likely be late on my days from now on because I'm working late alot now. This is also cutting into my painting time alot (sorry conrad! it will come eventually!)

I'm gonna go stab my self over 9000 times now.

*- Incidentally, I'm a fan of Tiger Woods too. And I know jack shit about golf.
*- Piracy (yojimbo)
*- Dtoid History
*- The Aging Gamer (Cranium)

A- Discrimination on Xbox Forums (massiveplugger)
S- Death by Cartoon 108 (Conrad Zimmerman)
M- Sonic the Hedgehog (Furious George)
M- super mario allstars (coire)
P- failcast records tonight. again
P- aussie podcast

C- Superflossy wants to sex you up with a kick ass MGS shirt (6.20)
C- June Xbox Scavenger Hunt (End of June)
C- Conrad wants to give you an XBOX (June 23rd)
W- new adventures of pokemon winner
over9000- psychoterror
over9000- dynamicsheep
over9000- agentmoo
over9000- 8bitcoder
over9000- spartacus
over9000- brahms
over9000- Aurvantoid
over9000- 4knuckleshuffle
over9000- covah
over9000- vwgit
over9000- boxtor
over9000- tubatic
over9000- iwontusemyname
over9000- xmalachi
over9000- mrred
over9000- stooz
over9000- enosachran
over9000- jaredr
over9000- skribble
over9000- redzie

E- VGL Toronto
F- AMMO off for two weeks
C- mexcellent
C- i'm gonna hurt myself. seriously.
C- spore creatures
C- Destructoid Review
I- enosachran
B- Husky Hog!

N- PSN Updates
N- lucas arts still attending e3
N- EU Wiiware
N- Playzone for wii
N- Eidos announces E3 Lineup
N- sabatour and dragon age
N- FFXIII Versus not on hold
N- The Conduit
N- Alan Wake On its Way? If this is a prank some one is gonna get hurt.
N- EU Releases
N- MGS4 Database Japan Shots
N- Nom Nom Nom
N- Doublefine not happy.
N- new stafy ds game? what the hell is stafy?
T- Blood Bowl
T- TF2 Pyro Update
T- spore vs LBP?
T- fatal inertia ex
T- Free TF2 Weekend
T- E3 Wishlist
T- 7 deadly sins of game reviewing
T- jugs has been had by marvel ip games
T- GH Aerosmith
T- mgs4 online
T- 2 controllers for systems
T- complexity of control schemes

A- Lone wolf and Cub
M- best jp albums of 2008
S- bluray burner
S- more tshirts
S- scary ass aliens statue

L- the real red vs blue
R- space invaders flash
R- red vs blue
V- rejected wii games. I think this old.
V- spore birthing
V- super mario on ice
V- gay zombies?
V- musical mgs tribute
C- #1
C- #2
?- ?
?- luc confuses me again
?- ?
?- ?
?- ?
?- ?

F- recaps will be late.
F- #1
F- #2
F- livejournal?


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