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ceark avatar 12:01 AM on 01.11.2011  (server time)
And the winner of the free Stack of Games is...

Oh you've changed. I remember ya'll use to like free only some of you like free stuff....

Anywah, I didn't enough entries to fill a full tarot deck, but that's ok. Here's the deck I'll be using this time:

and the entries:

FOOL = DaedHead8
MAGICIAN = Bill Zoeker
PRIESTESS = ChillyBilly
EMPRESS = Dynamo Joe
EMPEROR = Daxelman
LOVERS = squirrelyg
CHARIOT = Winged Kraby
JUSTICE = SuperMonk4Ever
HERMIT = Dexter345 (I'm including you anyway buddy)
FORTUNE = Lazerpig
STRENGTH = Kabuto Drew
HANGED MAN = smurfee mcgee
DEATH = DimmuJed
TEMPERANCE = mrandydixon
DEVIL = sleepingagin
TOWER = HammerShark
MOON = DynamoJoe
SUN = pendelton21
JUDGEMENT = RESHUFFLE (sorry canada =P)
WORLD = ibesm
1 Wands = SteezyXL
2 Wands = Occams electric toothbrush
3 Wands = CrimeMinister
4 Wands = etirflita
5 Wands = Intercept (you're not the hanged man sorry)
6 Wands = kandenkiller
7 Wands = Antwhan
8 Wands = Roager
9 Wands = manasteel88
10 Wands = Perfidious Sinn (no cup for you)
Knave Wands = AngelEena
Knight Wands = RESHUFFLE (this one's my comment)
Queen Wands = worldagainstjose
King Wands = theredpepperofdoom
1 Cups = Magnalon
2 Cups = RESHUFFLE (sorry canada =P)
3 Cups = Woverine
4 Cups = Rabspat
5 Cups = dwb6
6 Cups = KalosBlue
7 Cups = fetusmilk
8 Cups = Kingof210
9 Cups = Agent-ORange87
10 Cups = Pandaloons
Knave Cups = Xzyliac
Knight Cups = Prota
Queen Cups = Davidfoundation
Any Swords = RESHUFFLE
Any Pentacles = RESHUFFLE

The drawing......:

And the winner is....:

Congratulations Roager! I bet your glad that I didn't give "each game out randomly" now, causre your the "one dude walking away with a ton of stuff."

Also, 2 of Pentecles turns out to be nobody. I was looking at 2 of Cups on the list rofl rofl.

Also my dog is a jerk.

L / \
LOL=== []\
L \______________\
| |

Roager, please PM me with your shipping info. And no, contrary to what my girlfriend said, no free iPad.

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