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ceark avatar 9:09 PM on 04.04.2012  (server time)
A Coworker of mine, who worked on FF7, is battling cancer.

Hello Destructoid,

I know I don't post often and it maybe in poor taste that I'm asking for donations here. (but I'm gonna do it anyway haha!)

A fellow coworker of mine, Nick Hoppe, is battling brain cancer, and while the treatments seem to be having good success, the costs are astronomical. Nick is a dear friend who was one of my first big sources of inspiration when I started working at DreamWorks Animation 5 years ago. At that time, he and another coworker who shared his office where telling about the projects they had worked on in the past. The other coworker told me about how he had worked on Lord of the Rings and such. Impressive indeed, but as a hard core gamer, I was far more impressed by Nick. One of Nick's early jobs was at Square LA. where he worked on:

Final Fantasy 7 and Parasite Eve

This revelation floored me. Here I was, working with someone who had worked on some of the biggest games of my youth, the ones that ultimately inspired be to pursue computer animation over other fields of art as a primary.

He might not be a big name, but I like to believe that every artist, designer, production person, programmer, etc. who contributes to a film or game is ultimately integral to the final product, and their work ultimately touches everyone who enjoys the final project, whether there someone as big a character designer or as low as the intern getting coffee. Nick was an animator for many of the FMV sequences on FF7 and PE, and he's always gonna be a hero to me for it. And if you enjoyed Final Fantasy 7, Parasite Eve, or any numerous films that Nick has worked on such as Kung Fu Panda and How to Train You Dragon, please donate to his cancer fund. Even 5 dollars would make a great difference. I know the gaming community is one the most passionate and supporting communities in the world (after all, many of my best friends I met on DTOID), so I thank ya'll for any support.



like an idiot, I forgot to post a link:

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