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8:53 PM on 10.31.2009

Happy Halloween!

Maybe these will get done a thousand times this halloween, but here are my contributions:


6:59 PM on 10.05.2009

But you're not a 13 year old boy.

Ok, we've all heard that traditionally, gaming is a male dominated pastime. But we also know it's changing, with the numbers turning to favor more lady gamers. Make what arguments you will about "casual" gaming bringing them in, but the girls are into games, it's no secret.

Still, when I walk into a game shop, especially when I've just gotten off work and I'm still in my business casual dress, it's often assumed I'm picking up something for the kids. That's ok, really. I understand that a hundred women before me have been there for that reason.

But it might surprise you to hear some of the stories my husband likes to tell to people when he's describing me. They go something like this:

[i]So I'm playing Puzzle Quest on the PS2 and she's playing The Witcher. All of the sudden she's like "THIS GODDAMN OLD WOMAN KEEPS COCKBLOCKING ME!"


We were playing Splinter Cell CS and we're both taking cover in a hallway with some enemies at the other end. Out of nowhere, she runs up, stabs the 3 of them without taking any hits and she goes, "Ok, on to the next room." What the fuck. I swear she scares me sometimes.[/i]

Ladies, keep kicking ass, you're not alone :D   read

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