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ccesarano's blog

12:02 PM on 01.16.2013

Dead Space 3 Demo - Solo

So Mr. Jim Sterling has already shared his thoughts on the Dead Space 3 demo, but I figured I may as well toss in my own two cents as well. At the very least so that I can organize my own thoughts on it. I got a Roxio Game C...   read

9:03 AM on 01.12.2013

Expos Everywhere on the East Coast

Famous people! Yay! (GameX 2009) I remember graduating College in 2009 and being excited for VGXPO and GameX that year. What's that? Never heard of 'em? Yeah, not surprising. They were both in the Philadelphia region, which...   read

12:59 PM on 01.04.2013

My Bold Prediction for 2013

I am usually no good at making predictions for the year. Usually the best things to happen are joyful, or the most noteworthy are depressing and sad. Look at what happened in the industry this year as an example. 38 Studios...   read

7:05 PM on 01.01.2013

Resolution: Be More Involved

I'm going to start my 2013 participation in the Destructoid community with a confession (that I'm pretty sure I haven't already confested). I came around here in 2009 cross-posting an article. Wait, hey! Stop...   read

9:28 AM on 10.15.2012

I Spent All Saturday Playing a Video Game and That's Okay

In the past, spending an entire day inside the house would help drive me into feelings of depression. I would feel lonely, as if I had accomplished nothing, and yearn to have an excuse to leave the house. While this has hap...   read

7:17 AM on 09.27.2012

I, Errand Boy

So I've been playing Darksiders 2 recently because it takes me forever to complete a game I purchased on launch day. It's a really fun game and I enjoy it, though I'm not sure if I like it more or less than the original Dar...   read

9:18 PM on 09.20.2012

Outside Looking In

First, while this is related to things that are part of the game world, it is technically a more personal blog. As such, if I should add "NVGR" to the title, just let me know and I'll do so. Second, before I get started, I ...   read

1:03 PM on 08.28.2012

I'm Bored of Your Hate

Hey folks, it's been a while since I've been around here. Things have picked up at work, responsibilities increased, and I've also been taking a lot of time at home to work on exercise, expanding my hobbies, changing my die...   read

1:38 PM on 07.17.2012

The Player, The Participant, The Commentary

There are a lot of films out there that try and make some sort of commentary about the audience. A recent example is the film Cabin in the Woods, written by Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard and directed by Drew Goddard. The ult...   read

10:23 AM on 07.11.2012

Next-Gen: Apathy in 1080p

I really, really love the Halo 3: ODST live action trailer. It tells such an evocative tale with nothing but emotive actors and sergeants shouting unintelligible gibberish. The final scene is what really brings it all toget...   read

9:18 AM on 07.09.2012

Childhood, Nostalgia, My Damn Lawn

It seems there are a plethora of posts relating to Final Fantasy going up lately. I am sorry to add another one, though mine is more a journey of introspection. With the release of Theatrhythm it cannot really be helped. It...   read

2:28 PM on 06.20.2012


Thirty seconds too many are spent trying to sort out which controller is connected to which port. Is this the third player controller? Nah, this one with the scuff mark over the green X emblem goes to player one. What's the...   read

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