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Please don't fuck it up Sony. I have yet to buy your precious PS3..but if I hear good things about this when it releases...I might just buy this. Here's a list of ways to not fuck up the franchise and to make it better than it ever has been.

Don't make the M203 attachment a standard.

This damned grenade launcher wreaks havoc on everyone on the battlefield. It is often when a newb comes into the room and starts an M203 massacre..killing many teammates and usually only racking up a grand total of 1 enemy kill. It is also often when a teamkiller (just for shits and giggles) jumps in a ranked room and uses the 203 on everyone in the spawn..what sucks ass is when it happens during a 22 round tie game. I've had matches last for hours and a teamkiller come in and lose it for us.

Don't make bushes look like cardboard cutouts.

THIS IS TEH N3XXT G3N! Don't make bushes look like I could push them over with one finger..or perhaps they'll fall over when I land in the bushes to hide from an enemy..extremely tacky.

Make a new ranking system.

The ranking system in Socom say the horse balls. Why even bother trying to get a higher rank now? I don't even know how to get/lose points toward my rank! It's about as complicated as my last calculus class..and honestly..who in their right mind likes calculus?

Keep the weight system

The weight system is by far the smartest thing Zipper did for Socom 3. I found it hard to believe you could run really fast when you are weighed down by the biggest sniper rifle in the game plus RPG and grenades in Socom 2.

Bring back blood check

It's a lot easier to tell who the fuck is cheating with blood. Just for that reason only.


It's kinda funny when you put an RPG into a vehicle and you don't see shit for damage..much less a wall.

Customizable character check

This rocks because you can possibly create a certain character for certain maps..I might not have to use a ghillie suit anymore!'s just badass. Maybe you could create a version of Osama Bin-Laden to use on a map....anyways..

Bring back the classic maps and make newer ones that aren't shitty like Storm Front

Everyone on Socom is talking about the updated looks badass..please do it for all those maps we Desert Glory..and update ones like Tidal Fury, Anchorage, and Citadel just to name a few. But please us with new badass maps too.

DLC Please and lots of it this time

It'd be nice to maps maybe for some good times. Maybe some new weapons? Especially since Map Packs are scarce now. And the F90 pwnage isn't ending today.

That's all I can think of right now. If any Socom vets wish to put in their 2 cents..I'd love to see some opinion..especially since I probably missed something.

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