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cbre88x avatar 8:48 PM on 12.29.2007  (server time)
Cursing In COD4 (PC) [rant]


To start off..I know I never blog. I'm usually reading all of the posts here at Destructoid and on occasion comment and leave my 2 cents (sometimes 4 cents..sometimes a dollar).

But lately I've been bothered to write this blog so I can get my hatred, yes hatred, out of my mind. Why do I get so angry?

The countless servers I go into when I play a match of COD4 (on the PC) have rules on "No Cursing". I understand rules like "No Nade Spamming", "No Griefing", or "No Hacking"..but no cursing? Give me a break! If I go into a server I expect there to be at least some minimal cursing. I've questioned admins who have the rule about it and so far the only answer I've ever dragged out of them was "there are children playing".


You're sitting there..shooting down Marines, SAS, or OpFor..and you're telling me that we can't curse because the children are playing? Blood and bullets..but no words? One response I got from admin was an insta-kick. He "didn't appreciate me questioning his authority"...over one server space on the internet...

So I haven't gotton a straightforward logical answer from ANYONE yet on why I can't even burst out a "SHIT!". I mean..for God's sake the characters curse in the single player.

Well..I said I've been wanting to write this for awhile...the tip of the iceburg was when I went into a server and nearly got kicked (I left before it could happen) for saying "bull".

Thank you Ignorant Peoples of the Internet for causing me so much damn grief (oh wait..I can't say that because of the children).



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