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cbebop007's blog

12:01 AM on 07.11.2007

Microsoft Press Conference: Initial Thoughts

These are my initial, unprocessed thoughts regarding the press conference: * First off, G4's coverage sucked balls. Didn't see the Viva Pinata trailer, didn't see the Lost Odyssey trailer, didn't see the end of the Halo 3 tr...   read

11:55 PM on 07.10.2007

Fuck G4

Halo 3 trailer. New gameplay. Watching on G4TV. Adam Sessler's voice pops up, saying "You guys enjoying this?" YES. GO THE FUCK AWAY. Then, cut to commercial. The trailer was not over. ... What the fuck.   read

1:34 PM on 07.09.2007

E3 Predictions: Yeah, I'm Gonna Do It Too

Even though I have absolutely no qualifications to be making such predictions, I am going to attempt and lay down some stuff I see happening at E3. This is more for my own thoughts, as I'm sure most people are absolutely tire...   read

12:05 PM on 07.09.2007

Silly Sony, RE: Price Drop

Yeah, it's typical company PR bullshit, but come-the-fuck-on Sony: A few days ago: "At present we have no plans [to cut the price]," Sony President Ryoji Chubachi. Today: "Sony Computer Entertainment America has officially ...   read

3:23 AM on 07.08.2007

E3 Hype: Remember Last Year?

To honor this year's kinda-sorta E3 that takes place next week, I've decided to bring up what was at least my favorite moment of last years: It's Ridge Racer!!! That's right. Kaz Hirai. Ridge Racer. We all remember. We all laughed. We all got sick of it. It's time to live it again.   read

10:39 PM on 06.05.2007

EA May Have Ruined One Of My Most Beloved Franchises: SimCity Societies

In the new GFW magazine, they blow the lid off SimCity 5...or as EA has decided to call it, "SimCity Societies." What the fuck? Granted, I haven't read the details on the new game, but a couple things are throwing me off. ...   read

2:41 PM on 06.04.2007

Where the hell is Summa?

... The topic basically says it all. Where is that guy? I can't find him listed in the site credits on the main page, and I don't recall him posting anything recently. Did something happen and I just missed it? I want my Sony fanboy back!   read

9:41 PM on 06.03.2007

Sexy Lady Pics Win Yay Number One!!!

I feel it is my duty to call attention to quite possibly the most gorgeous and sexy woman on this planet: Eva Green. That is all. Rebuttals?   read

6:56 PM on 06.01.2007

Apparently I pee incorrectly...Someone help me

Don't ask me how the conversation came up (because I don't remember), but according to the majority of my friends I piss incorrectly. See, all of them unzip their fly AND unbutton their pants. I instead only unzip my fly. ...   read

9:14 PM on 05.31.2007

Manhunt sucks...will the sequel suck less?

So everyone knows that Manhunt 2 is coming for the Wii. I decided to try the first game, as I've never played it. So far, it sucks. You walk around find a guy. You call him over some how. You hide in the darkness. ...   read

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