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8:11 PM on 05.13.2009

Epic Punch-Out!! Rap Video

With the return of Little Mac only days away, the crew at BREAK have out done themselves with the funniest Punch-Out!! rap song ever.

Epic casting! Watch and enjoy! Great job BREAK!

Only one thing the video is missing --- Doc Louis.

[embed]132018:19300[/embed]   read

3:49 PM on 03.23.2009

Pink Jumpsuit's back! Punch-out!! Trailer

Nintendo has just released a new trailer for Punch-out!!

Trailer shows new and old faces getting pummeled by yours truly, Little Mac!

Video courtesy of GameTrailers   read

8:23 PM on 10.03.2008

PUNCH-OUT!! Carnivores vs. Vegetarians

Punch-Out!! is making its long awaited comeback for the Nintendo Wii. Arguably one of the hardest most challenging games of the 8-bit era looks to take the belt in 2009. Is the Nintendo Wii the right console for this game?

Hit the jump to find out...

Is Punch-Out!! going to appeal to the masses, the millions of soccer mom's and retirement homes that have helped propel Nintendo's newest console to unimaginable sales figures? Or will Punch-Out!! hit the mark with the Hardcore Wii audience, one which is probably only a small percentage of the possible Wii owners.

Disregard the Nintendo seal of quality, and pretend that Punch-Out!! could be released on Xbox 360. Blasphemy I know, but for the sake of arguement let's delve.. The 360 has been the home of the Hardcore community. Many AAA titles on 360 have targeted hardcore gamers, from FPS to RPG's the 360 is the hardcore gamers machine. Would a hardcore game reach more success on a machine highly populated by hardcore gamers (with a higher attach rate) or on a machine which is way more family friendly, casual, and gamers who love mini-game titles like Carnival Games?

Does the hardcore market of the Nintendo Wii exceed the hardcore market of the 360? It would be probably pretty tight.

But here is the kicker... Is Nintendo's blue ocean strategy helping or hindering hardcore games?

I believe that Nintendo's blue ocean strategy has been hindering hardcore games from finding an audience on the Nintendo. But the gem is, this hindering I'm talking about is actually making hardcore gamers desperate for some hardcore games!

Is this Nintendo's plan?? Make a machine that tries to cater to carnivores and vegetarians, but then only release a few steaks but a trillion salads.... starving the carnivores for some juicy steak.

Then when the carnivores are so frustratingly hungry, they release the GODFATHER of all steaks! I'm talking the big 76 from the Great Outdoors. The one steak that we only dream of eating.

Will all the carnivores grab this steak? And will this steak be so juicy that the vegetarians will want a taste?? And we all know... once you go Mac, you can't go back.   read

1:13 AM on 10.02.2008


It seems like years ago, prior to E3 a rumor was floating around about Punch-Out!! being remade for the Wii!!

Punch-Out!! is coming for the Wii!!! How can you write that without getting excited!

What boxers do you think will appear in the new wii Punch-Out? Who were your favourites?


GLASS JOE! The game better start with Glass Joe! No one better to lay a whoopin' too! That poor guy just never knows when to quit... albeit he is always trying!

Who is your all time favourite Punch-out!! character that MUST be in this game?! Let's hear it folks.


4:34 AM on 05.25.2008

Games that utilize the Wii Fit Balance Board...

Do games that utilize the Wii Fit Balance Board place themseleves ahead of every other game on the market? Are we going to see a surge in the amount of games that use the Balance Board periphial as a means to seling the product? Or are games genuinely going to use the Balance Board to help make their audience fitter...

It's a line drawn in the sand.

When do we believe that a game is better suited with the Balance Board, and when do we believe that a game is only using the Balance Board as a tacked on sales pitch. What really defines a Wii Fit Balance Board Game???

Let me take a shot in the dark.

A game that utilizes the Wii Fit Balance Board must:

A) Exhibit some type of exercise motion within the confines of it's game design... not a game design decision that rests solely on the use of the Wii Fit Board.

bad example: Dr. Mario comes out and allows players to plug in their Wii Fit board. Instead of pressing a button to shift the alignment of a pill... they now can use their feet... This is a lame marketing pitch to use the Wii Fit as an extra form of interaction.

good example: Wii Ski. A great free form game that allows the user to play with the Wii Fit board in a casual way.

B) Provide depth for the hardcore user, and create an easy 1:1 ratio of movement for the casual user...

So far the games that have been announced to utilize the Wii Fit Board are casual experiences, drawing apon the market established with Wii Fit owners... but.

Where's the love for the Hardcore users, who buy Wii Fit so their GF's can lose a few pounds, and hoping that a Metroid, or Mario comes out that really takes the Balance Board to the next level....

You gotta believe that Nintendo, even though Wii Fit is marketed towards a new audience.. the board itself presents new and exciting opportunities for game developers to immerse that hardcore market... I really hope we don't see a flood of Wii Exercise style games on Wii ware.. and can actually dream of the day we play Paperboy Wii where the bike hardly moves unless we pedal our feet.....

even that seems like a tacked on use of the board...

So what really drives the need to use the board in a normal game type situation? Lets jockey around a few rules...

Rule 1) Game must function without the use of the Wii Fit Board. (Weird rule, but if you a developer is really going to build a game.. they need it to be played by an audience who isn't guaranteed to have a Wii Fit Board.

Rule 2) Playing SAID game with the Wii Fit Board is acknowledged, and rewarded appropriately. Playing Mario Kart with the Wii Wheel long enough, earns you the golden Steering Wheel... why not playing Tetris long enough with the Wii Fit board earn you the golden tetris block? If the user uses the Wii Fit board more than the other control schemes for a game they should be rewarded. If it's Wii Fit Points, a golden icon, etc... getting players out of their seats and standing on the Wii Fit board should be sought after.

Rule 3) Feedback on the success of exercise. I don't care what game I'm playing.. be it GTA or Soul Calibur with the Wii Fit board... I want to know how many calories I've burned in the play session. Having a unified output dialog for users to acknolwedge how hard they've worked.. would benefit the game in a great deal.

If I play cooking mama, and need to sitr the pot with shifting weight on the Wii Fit board.. .after I'm done... I want to know how many calories I've burned.. Just so my next trip to the beer store can be justified...

I don't think we should impose too many rules apon developers who incorporate the Wii Fit board into their games... I, and hopefully everyone who reads this post, can agree that we don't wanna see the Wii Fit Board used as a corney marketing pitch/ gimmick, to produce more sales...

So basically... how long untill we hear about Madden 2009 using the Wii Fit Board??

I know Skate It has already been anounced to feature the board... I actually hope this game can pull it off (the videos showing the Wii-mote controls, made it look awful). How sweet would it be to do a toe drag and heel drag to pull off tricks for Skate? Sweet. But I curse the day that Madden use the Wii Fit board to simulate the first step off the line...   read

8:30 AM on 12.21.2007

What would Portal have been like if it was non-linear?

What would Portal have been like if you could select what levels to play?

Chaos, most likely... and not to mention an incoherent story.

Linear progression in a puzzle game is a great way to ensure ramping difficulty, introduce new gameplay mechanics and test the user. But what if the user gets stuck on a level? You run the risk of player frustration, and breaking the flow state of the user. Not to mention if the user can't progress past said puzzle, they aren't able to experience more content.

Would Portal have worked out if it was non-linear? Most likely not, but what if it had been semi-non linear? Group puzzles together and allow the user to choose which puzzle they want to solve first, once all puzzles are solved a new group of puzzles is unlocked.

Basically, Guitar Hero formula.

Portal introduces new mechanics slowly through out the beginning levels, until it reaches a point where the user has all the available mechanics the game offers. Perhaps at this point, the linear progression could be broken up but it would still dismantle the story.

Non-linear progression in a puzzle game shouldn't be attempted unless:

* The user has all the tools available to solve puzzles. Full move set, complete equipment, etc.
* The puzzles aren't tied together by a story, or the story needs to support the player completing the puzzles in multiple orders.   read

12:47 PM on 10.27.2007

How to classify halloween costumes

It's a great time of the year again, where you can basically dress up as a fool, run around drunk with your buddies and just have some good ol' fashion fun.. while in a costume. For me, Halloween's a ritual of waiting until the last possible day to buy a costume and then just winging it. When I'm running around Vancouver looking at costumes, I'm always keeping in mind a classifying system a couple of buddies and I came up with. We were discussing how you can classify Halloween costumes, and I think we've nailed it!

All Halloween costumes can be broken down into one of four different categories. Sexy, Scary, Funny, or Disturbing. The catch, to this classifying system is that every costume is comprised of two category choices, a primary and a secondary category if we want to get technical. Example: Sexy Scary, Disturbing Funny, Disturbing Sexy.

The Four Main Categories:

Sexy - This is your typical 'shwing' costume. You are going for straight sex appeal (personally my favorite, and probably the favorite of countless young underage girls) This is fishnets, short skirts, exposing of the breasts and (hopefully) a panty shot or two. A woman dressed as a peacock but only wearing lingerie and a few peacock feathers would fall into the sexy sexy category.

Scary - This is your typical scary costumes. Witches, goblins, vampires, and bears. These are the costumes where people smother blood over the face and walk around molesting people as zombies. They are your horror buffs, who probably have a friend who's taken make-up school to help get them ready. This category is probably the polar opposite of sexy... sadly. However, when combined with sexy, then you are getting into those hot vampire sluts, or the dead hookers... you know, the really classy stuff.

Funny - Funny is more what I see every Halloween at house parties with my buddies. These are the completely random costumes that are just a good time to wear. The Trailer Park Boys, a pill popping midwife, 80's workout instructor's, Borat, and Robert Goulet would fall into the Funny category. The funny category is perfect as a secondary category, with a bit more raciness into it.

Disturbing - Personally where my costumes usually start. It's a perfect base to work in another category. These costumes are the inappropriate, offensive costumes. A man with a blow up doll strapped to his waist, or me in a speedo. These are the costumes that make you kinda laugh, but cringe when looking at them. This is probably the starting point for a lot of the people who just couldn't make the Sexy Category cut.

The real beauty of this system is when you start mixing categories to create the ultimate costume. Sexy Disturbing, Disturbing Funny, Sexy Sexy, and Funny Funny are a few of my favorites. Who doesn't like seeing a foxxy blonde walking down the street wearing black angel wings, volleyball shorts, and a lingerie top??

C'est Halloween! I'm off now to the store to pick out my Halloween costume (thinking disturbing funny, just so I can be an idiot) Be safe, stay fit. Have fun!   read

4:23 AM on 07.09.2007

Do you name Link, Link?

I've recently acquired a beat up N64 version of The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time. It's in rough shape, the graphic on the front worn by thumbs grasping the cartridge to yank it out. Even a fading rental sticker lingers torn across the top of the cartridge, its rental code indistinguishable, long forgotten.

Just looking at the cartridge spurs unanswerable questions. Who's was it? Why was it never returned to the video store, perhaps it was bought second hand? Maybe it racked up hundreds of dollars in late charges. There's a history to this cartridge that spurs the imagination. Even the way it was acquired is quite amusing and warrants a retelling.

Lounging on a reclining pool chair in the back porch of my parents home in beautiful B.C. Canada, my left leg sleeping in a half cast propped up on a pillow, the back door cringes open. I twist my body around trying to see who it is. Rook, a long time buddy meets me with a grin that splits his head, it's the first time he's seeing me in a cast. He's carrying a case of cold ones, dropping it down onto the nearby patio table, he proceeds to crack a round and we are reacquainted with lounging.

He tosses me two N64 games he's brought to help entertain my recovery time, forgetting that I don't have an N64 anymore, but hey.. it's the thought that counts. My other buddy, Razor, who's sharing a Kokanee in a nearby chair has my 64. I lent/gave it to him when I got a PS2 back in the day, the PS2 eventually transformed into an xbox after a stop at EB a few years later. After a few jokes about the 64, Mario Kart, and Turok, the jabber of video game ceases.

My bro breaks open the patio porch and joins us for a beer, just finished work he pulls up a chair noticing the 64 games discarded on the table. Seemingly to spark a memory from the exhausting day of detailing cars, he announces in a triumphant voice his bountiful reward of cleaning out a repo'd car. The Ocarina of Time. I guess the crew my bro works with keeps to the code of finders keepers.

I quickly ask, is it the gold one? As if it ment anything to anyone. Its not, and it doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things. But it would have been so much sweeter if it was.

I wonder what they named their character? Think they named Link, Link? We laugh, but the question weighs in the air, why would they name the character Link? Did they even know Link's name is supposed to be Link? They being the previous owners of the grey cartridge.

The chance that they might not have named Link, Link, is seemingly unholy. I can't imagine playing Zelda and every time you read your name it's "The Dude" instead. Amusing and funny but it has become ritualistic when you ink in the name Link before starting your adventure.

Razor sparks the idea behind what the character could be named by proclaiming that people fall into 3 distinct categories when naming characters for video games.

People who name the character Link.

People who name the character after themselves, or some other common persona used
in multiple places.

People who name the character a vulgar profanity, or some other slanderish word.

I've definitely fallen into all three categories from time to time, depending on the game. Lets delve into the psyche of each type of player to try and figure out why they name Link the way they do.

People who name the character Link. These type of players have a great respect for the character and experiencing the story the way it is 'supposed' to be. There's an underlying nostalgic romance to thumbing over the familiar four letters, flooding yourself with memories of younger days, of the wonder and joy of previous adventures. These players are the heart and soul of the Legend of Zelda. The die-hards, the fan-boys, and probably even Miyamoto-san himself.

People who name the character after themselves, or some other common persona used in multiple places. Be it the players legal name, or online handle, these players want to experience the game in a personal way. They are the character, the avatar, and not some other person. The difference between experiencing the game first person or third person, in a weird outside the box way. Maybe these are the people who just don't know Link is supposed to be called Link. As foreign as that may sound, I'm sure there are a lot of people who threw in Twilight Princess for the first time with no idea the Hero of Time's real name is Link. Although I have never done this in game's with predetermined characters, like FF or Zelda, I'm guilty for naming my Civ 4 cities my own personal names. Usually street names from Vancouver, odd as it sounds. I just don't find it that much fun to name the cities their proper names. I feel more attached for my civilization when I've got personal attachment. It's easier for me to lose myself in the wee hours of the night if I'm defending my own cities.

Then there are the people who name Link a vulgar profanity. Asso Wippo, Robot Hooker, Fuck Head. Obviously these players are aware of the games dialog system, taking a delight in the racy dialogue soon to follow. A slander to the finely crafted story, but ultimately the choice of the player. These type of players are my favourite. Creative in their ways of bypassing bad word filters, these players will always get a kick out of hearing another character refer to your avatar in some vulgar term. I'm guilty of the pleasure of naming pokemon fucked up names, just for the sake that maybe I'll trade them with some foreigners who have no idea what Choda means.

These thoughts on the psychology behind naming characters can easily evolve past the example of Link in Zelda. How do players come up with names for their WoW characters? Do they name them off drugs or their favourite beer? Do they just wham the random name generator a few times and the rest is history? I hate having to name characters in RPGS unique names, and I usually end up sitting at the screen for far too long. I think I have a problem with long term commitment..

Well, first things are first. I now have a non-gold copy of the Ocarina of Time sitting on the table in front of me. I will follow up when I can see what Link is named on the game. I need some closure to my thoughts and the cartridge seems to mock me in a silent way, biding its time before it slides into an old N64.

Letís make some bets on the save files on this used copy of Ocarina of Time.

I'm going to say Link is named some vulgar profanity. I mean, really, what type of die-hard player, fan boy, would have their car repo'd and a used rented copy of Legend of Zelda slammed beneath the seats? Obviously someone who would get a kick out of Link being called Num Nuts, not to mention a possible obsession with alliteration.

Secondly, I think Num Nuts has 7 hearts, I'm not sure where that'd put him in the game but I don't think the player has the game cracked. It was in the car, and not the N64 after all. Maybe I'm underestimating the players ability but coupled with a funny name, I think the player has more fun exploring Hyrule then progressing the story arc.

And finally, 22-25 deaths. This type of player probably dies a fair amount and continues. I don't think the player's so anal to restart the game every time he succumbs to an army of skeletons.   read

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