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10:01 AM on 11.29.2008

Shortblog! TF2 Mass AI video

I'm sorry if this has been posted before. I did a search for it but didn't find anything.
I lol'ed.
EDIT: Dammit, some of it has been cut off.

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6:53 AM on 11.01.2008

Shortblog! Quantum of Solace impressions. (360 version)

So I managed to score Quantum of Solace early. I have to say I'm not disappointed. If Gears of War and Call of Duty 4 had a bastard lovechild, this game would be it.

As it is a Bond game, stealth is the best way to go. There are quicktime events for close-quarter takedowns. Dodge/disable security cameras or bring a platoon of elite guards down on you.

So I have to say, if you are a super fan of Bond AND the Call of Duty 4 engine AND the Gears of War cover system, you may just still want to rent this instead of buy. Multi is decent, but not extraordinary. Good for Achievement whoring, if that's your thing. The main story is short. A good game to save for the summer drought.

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11:31 PM on 09.22.2008

Cblog Recap 9/22/08

Recap Time!

*-Dammit Michi, I got something in my eye (Megaman tribute)

*- Mega Man Mashup Poster

*- Vitz questions games as a legitimate art form. Good back-and-forth in the comments

*- Dale North is awesome

*- RedRabbit shows us another lolwut PS3 ad. Epic comments

*- Mega Man 9 OST! Thanks Bwark-Kupo!

S- NihonTiger take on that stupid GameFAQS character battle AKA the Cloud/Mario party

No Contest posts today, unless I missed something :(

S- Let's support Christina Faith Winterburn and System Lynk

I- Welcome Josh, don't suck

R- Tim, I'm so sorry. Hope you get your 360 back soon

S- Demios has a question for the Cali D-toiders

N- Drakonikarma has Age of Booty Beta key info

N- Gohan has Mega Man 9 DLC info, and it isn't

N- thefil brings news of Persona 2

N- Toneman brings loli news; iDolm@ster DLC

N- Ali D brings news of Rock Band in Australia. Maybe one day you guys will get the sequel?

N- Virtual Reality cocoon from Daxelman. Pretty fascinating

N- Fable 2 is GOLD (NotAZombie)

N- Haxan reports on MM9's incompatability with the RetroUSB + NES controller

N- Wii MM9 saves can't be copied. Thanks for the heads-up Pedro

V- Geoff shows some MM9 skills

V- manasteel and video version of RetroforceGO!

V- Covah has a spoilerrific impression of The Force Unleashed

V- darkair has some GTA: Chinatown Wars shots

R- Trev has a review of The Force Unleashed

R- Gwyddia and a review of Dragon Quest IV DS

R- Skull reviews the TNA wrasslin' game

T- Pendelton is a new daddy of a 360!

T- BlindsideDork is also a daddy of a 360! From the repair center anyway.

T- BlindsideDork wants to be excited for White Knight Chronicles

T- coonskin gives you some idea of what games to play while waiting for 360 MM9

T- Ya know Bacon, we've all been there. Now I want a bacon sandvich, and when I close my eyes that's all I see

T- Ocified-Xboxer and his impressions of Mercenaries 2

T- NihonTiger wants to know whatcha got

T- Trev gives his impressions of the new Armored Core game

T- Etelmik wants you to play WAR, and has some compelling reasons why.

T- Crecente is a whiny bitch who refuses to take responsibility (Geoff)

T- Mega Man in Portal (kinda) (darkair)

A- Batthink dumps some art

A- Epic Sam (Sam and Max) art is epic (Christina Faith Winterburn)

F- A Doom review by Happyhead

S- BlindsideDork brings news of a new fad.

S- Kryptinite has a deal for you!

L- Johann meets his past self. Hamza would totally molest himself

L- masterledz has news of XBL voter registration; is it for their favorite racist/ethnic/sexual orientation slur?

R- Dale keeps a clean house. Burn it Dale; burn it with fire!

V- Michi honors Mega Man; I wish I could unsee it

V- Power-Glove also has a Mega Man tribute. Again, I wish I could unsee it

F- ...   read

11:11 PM on 09.15.2008

Cblog Recap 09/15/08

Hey everyone. Kinda quiet tonight. No casualisms for tonight; just read my first pick, then MrSadistic's comment and you're good to go!

*-Oh sh*t... read this article, then read the first comment. MrSadistic, that was pure win.

*-Cutie Honey is organizing the 360 Rock Band 2 Players. A really great idea!

*-STUVNING is painting an awesome Samus mural on his wall. Keep us updated!

*-Probably the best birthday gift -D- has ever gotten! Happy birthday -D-!

*-Guagloves wants you to save monies on the RB2 drum set.

A-Harukai wonders if too much freedom is a bad thing.

S-SurplusGamer continues his Great Random Battle Experiment with... CoD4?!?

M-OMG Faith! She feels the hatred for gaming-related motion sickness.

C-cannedpasta's site is giving away Mega Man 2

W-Qalamari has a winrar for his Fallout 3 puppet contest. The suspense nearly killed me!

F-AgentMOO's AMMO Special Edition MOOnday.

C-NihonTiger wants to know whatcha got.

I- Welcome funran! Have fun!

N-Macca brings news of the WoW:Wrath of the Lich King Release (11/13/08)

N-SantanaClaus brings news of Wipeout HD'd release date: 09/25/09

N-Gwyddia points out some new Gears of War 2 footage. It's kinda gross.

N-PSN cards in Blockbuster. Also, spelchek

V-It kinda looks like an energy sword (BigBaby9199)

V-Citizens of GTA: Pigeons (Workmeng)

V-Live 09 video (BigBaby9199)

V-I think Soulja Boy misses the point...(Arktos)

R-CrimsonKingX shares his review of Star Wars:The Force Unleashed (PS2)

R-CrimsonKingX shares his review of Lost Odyssey

T-vladimirthedude and his first playthrough of a Phantasy Star game.

T-milescosmo brings a new perspective on used game purchases and foreign game pricing.

T-Marcus and his first impressions of Brothers in Arms:Hell's Highway

T-Skribble likes to look at Left4Dead zombies. And sharks

T-Perry Simm shares his impressions of Dragon Quest IV DS. Good Stuff.

T-mikeyed shares his homework with us. And cites his sources.

T-Askherserenity shares thoughts of the new Pokemon DS. Good first post!

T-Jim has another game idea. This man is going places...

T-CrimsonKingX shares his thoughts on the have it now nature of achievements and trophies.

T-Kids and PS3s don't mix, I guess (FeelinFroggie13)

A-Also, croissants.

R-michi hates weaboos. Vids inside WILL make you cringe.

C-Not enough content DarkViper

C-CrimsonKingX, I'm gonna cut you some slack 'cause you're new. Read through the comments, and you'll understand, ok?

?- Related to the post above.

No fail for tonight. It has been quiet, hasn't it?


10:23 PM on 09.08.2008

Cblog Recap 09/08/08

No casualisms for tonight. I have a humongous migraine; recaps damn near killed me tonight. Have a look at my in-progress avatar instead:

My picks:

* BFeld13 hates Jim Sterling, and I agree :P

* TheGreatMango has a good point. Was Spore made less complex for the casuals?

* jestarinc serves up narrative gaming shortcomings and solutions. Good stuff.

* LBP manual leak. Get familiar now, make awesome stuff later

* Electro Gyno rants about OS elitism.

M- Heretic hates gamers; I think Heretic hates everyone

M- BFeld13 hates Jim Sterling, and I agree :P

M- NihonTiger hates that The Legend of Zelda doesn't actually have Zelda as the star.

M- unstoppablejuggernaut really, REALLY hates gamers. A little old but still relevant.

M- Perry Simm states his case for hating PAL conversions.

M- The-Excel hates his TV. If Dtoid ever has a contest for a TV, I hope you win :)

M- Tubatic has a real hatred for Medusa Heads

C- dvddesign's Cblog Xbox Achiev-a-Challenge

C- EarthbounderNess is giving away some PC lights, and a chance to light Necros on fire again :)

C- Qalamari is giving away a Vault Boy puppet

C- AgentMOO is having a contest; updated rules and template inside

C- EarthbounderNess plugs his contest again

W- the Golden Avatar has a winner for his PAX contest

E- Husky's belated PAX writeup

E- Wexx's Dtoid panel reflections

E- Naked Jim Sterling fappity fap. Not really, but really funny.

E- Hamza's moonlighting at PAX + Flickr Pics

E- Cutie Honey has some PAX pics. Part I: STRANGE AND AWKWARD!

E- ScottyG's belated PAX post

S- BRad! Where have you been?

S- ceej989, it happens to everyone. You're the only one who will admit it, however.

S- DynamicSheep RRod, cake, and CinciNarp adventures

I- Meet Meringue...bitches. Meringue, meet hazing. Welcome to Dtoid!

I- Hi Triox, welcome to Dtoid!

N- BFeld13 Hotel Dusk second run Matlocking

N- DJMegaMatX brings news of Jeff Green leaving 1UP, GFW Radio for the Sims. lolwut?

N- 7-11 is selling the new WoW expansion (Gwyddia)

N- Deus Ex 3 news (Stuvning)

N- Tragic Halo related gun accident maybe? Funny comments inside

N- Bikini zombie slayer simulator yeah! (CypherVR)

N- NOVASTRIKE Patch is up: trophies and more (SantanaClaus89)

R- Rockvillian reviews spore. He likey. Also draw moar stuff please

R- Gwyddia likes Pinatas. A lot.

R- Meringue loves crashing castles. Keep writing like this and you'll win the haters over :)

T- youkilledmyguy weighs in with some Mecenaries 2 PC thoughts

T- Deadeye's thoughts on Spore

T- cannedpasta and the Chipmunks games. Looks interesting

T- Gamestop sucks? You don't say...

T- Nilcam and some gaming thoughts

T- More Gamestop sucks. A dupe, but intelligent comments saved it from the fail pile. Nick Chester, your admission broke my heart a little :(

T- Thanks mcbennet, I'll never look at FFIV the same way again

T- Subenu serves up five reasons to own a Wii even if you hate Nintendo

T- Triox scores some sweet gaming deals at his local supermarket.

T- PeZ is late to the Crackdown party, but now knows how awesome it is

T- Michi loves Xbox Live. Insert joke here.

T- Any DS is better than no DS (Etel)

T- BlindsideDork shares his first 360 memory. Awwwww

T- Bwark-Kupo shares his first playthrough of FFVI. SPOILER ALERT

T- NihonTiger90 shares his recent gaming haul

T- ShadokatRegn shares her thoughts on Overlord

T- NBA Live 09(Demo) thoughts (BigBaby9199)

A- kevvo has a comics podcast

S- Gunota may be gone, but Dtoid is still here nilcam

L- WTF Gametrailers indeed skribble. Thanks for the nightmares

R- aaronf, this really belongs in the forums. I just couldn't resist saying that.

R- Post-University musings (busted1der)

V- BlindsideDork with an unfunny Olivia Munn video

F ... The world would be a better place if this had been settled with guns instead of Madden

F ... Shoulda been a PM

F ... Content is good, but copypasta can get you in trouble. Content is good, but copypasta can get you in trouble.

F ... copypasta fail

F ... copypasta fail part 2

F ... Reaprar's trolling almost saved this from fail. Just not enough content.

F ... Ironic title is ironic, no?   read

9:35 PM on 08.25.2008

Cblog Recap 8/24/08-8/25/08 and Casual-isms

Well, I'm new to recapping, so bear with me mmmmkay? I'm gonna make a few mistakes, and wow will this look ghetto until I find some time to make some graphics. So here we go...

Casual's picks

Adorable Alert
Screw you guys, I love cute stuff.

The Ship Mondays
If I wasn't so utterly addicted to TF2, I would totally join you guys.

Rate it before you play it? You embarassed gamer!
Don't be a sheeptoid, basically.

Thoughts on Binonic Commando: RA from someone who never really "got" the original
It's ok to like the remake, and not the original. Just don't let the RetroForce GO! crew know where you live, ok?

Truly the GREATEST VIDEO GAME SONG EVAH! All the hiphop heads say "Hell Yeah!"
This song will never get old

Holy Shigeru! A Metroid fan's (wet) dream come true!
Gee, wonder how this made it into the picks section?

So I bought my 3 year old his first game for his B-Day. This is going to be awesome.
Quick story: I bought my nephew that Smart Cycle bike/videogame thing. He played with it for about five minutes, got bored, and played with the box from the Smart Cycle for the next five hours or so. I'm just sayin'

Instant Replay: leaderboards
Because I know how you feel Dexter. When you finally grab the top score in your Friends leaderboard, and the bastard sets some astronomically high score you'll never beat? And then you tell yourself stuff like, "well at least I'm better looking"? Yup, just like that.


Destroyiodiodea? Dtoad.. Dee Toad did what?


Collectible Video Games

The Retroforce Game Museum: Control Panel Overlay

Disgaea strategy for the Hardcore.

Sunday Night Musings: PSX Games Still Fun

Old School Games - Little Nemo The Dream Master

5 games I'd love to see "pull a Megaman 9" - part three

1 house, 1 week, 2 xboxes, 2 RRODs

Why I'm Ashamed: FF7 Crisis Core

So I bought my 3 year old his first game for his B-Day. This is going to be awesome.

Quest for Glory II Remake

Best week ever?

Some Hilarious stuff and a little about my weekend.

Why I'm Really Excited About Far Cry 2

Bungie.....please do something other than HALO!

Best Video Game Song Since "Still Alive" Courtesy of Mercenaries 2

The ten most annoying game protagonists. Cowzilla3's first list.

More Wiimote Hacks

Xbox 360 Update+GTA DLC Arriving in November

Too Human Review: Too Epic or Too Bad?

Before they were Famous Epic Megagames : Jill

Free Play: You Have To Burn The Rope (a must play)

Xbox 360 Update+GTA DLC Arriving in November

Valkyria Chronicles impressions


Say Say Say PAX

The Art Dump (Week 5: Makani Must Have The Orange Box Edition)

PAX: Need place to stay

Oh Dear, those feminists are at it again...

All other

Would anyone like to buy my PAX pass?

Comic-con 2009 4-day passes..I has one. Also TF2

PAX: Need place to stay

Answers to The Great Retro Olympics!: Closing ceremony

The Many Concerns of Denis Dyack

Buy my Beta Key!!!!

[NVGR]Kat Dennings is Hot.

What'd You Get? - PAX Week Edition

Instant Replay

Instant Replay: Metal Gear Solid 2

Instant Replay: leaderboards


Da Coach(Hines that is)
Yep, it's common knowledge that MadTV hasn't been funny in like, forever. Also "NVGR" is your friend.

My Gaming Room *update*
I am soooo showing your parents that (A) you're a slob, and (B) that you stole your Dad's porn. Clean that pigsty up, then take some pics. Welcome to Destructoid, BTW.   read

7:53 PM on 08.18.2008

NYC NARP: moar pics + video + random thoughts

More stuff from the epic NYC NARP last weekend.

Some random stuff:
Katamari hugs come out of nowhere and engulfs everyone.
Power-Glove + Rock Band drums = cereal bizness
Mechamonkey = most down-ass brotha alive
Zen = most gracious host ever.
Everyone else was awesome too.
We all sang Never gonna give you up, but no video exists. :(
Nish-Nosh? Whatever it was, those chips were awesome. Svedka vodka, not so much.

Poor Power-Glove. (turn down your speakers/headphones; sound is crappy)

Tino, Mechamonkey, Cataract(I think, I was really drunk), Devon (epic beard). Power-Glove is seated on the rock band drum kit.

Devon, Mechamonkey, Nintendoll, and Superflossy

Tino, Mechamonkey, Cataract, Devon(back to camera), and Power-Glove

Gracious host Zen, and friend whose name I forgot. Damn you alcohol!

Superflossy and Nintendoll

Infinite Obscurity, Cataract, Devon, Tino, and Nintendoll committing epic quintuplet rock band vocal fail. The first of many; it was the mic's fault though.

Take 2, still fail lol

Tino, Cataract (seated), and Samit.   read

7:04 PM on 02.21.2008

Down Right Fierce: The Fighting Game C-Blog. Games That Train You for Fighters II + Contest Winner!


Welcome again to Down Right Fierce. I want to start off by thanking everyone who read and left comments for the first DRF. Good to see so many fighting game fans still out there.

Now onto the contest.

Congrats CaptainApocalypse, A winner is YOU! Check your PM's.

Without further ado, part 2 of games that prepare you for fighters.

The Burnout series

Burnout is all about one thing: risk vs reward. The same dynamic is present in fighters. Drive in oncoming/attempt a jump-in cross-up? Or stay in my lane/throw a fireball to push 'em back?

Platformers: 2D and 3D

It's all why, when, and how to jump. There's jumps, small jumps, double jumps, triple jumps, flying, unfly mode, air dash, and dive kicks. Moves/special moves can alter your trajectory whether it's Mario's butt stomp or Akuma's dive kick. Here's a good reason to pay attention:

(Thanks Scary Womanizing Pig Mask)

Platformers go especially well with my next point


I love shoot-em-ups. While they sharpen your reflexes, that's not the reason they're included here. I want to talk about bullet hell, and the concept of the hitbox.

The little white dot is the hitbox. If enemy fire hits it, its over.

This is practice mode, believe it or not!

In bullet hell, your ship has a specific part that is vulnerable. The key to racking up high scores is to allow enemy fire to barely graze this spot. Pixel perfect positioning. This applies to fighters too.

Knowing the hitbox is the key to striking shallow, deep, or crossing-up to mess up their blocking. Here are a couple of video examples:

Sorry about the quality. Just watch from the 39 second mark onwards.

A really extreme example of the hitbox.

Know the hitbox, and you know where to strike.

Guitar Hero, or Rock Band, or any rhythm based game.

Timing. After all, a special move or a combo is nothing more than a timed sequence of button presses, right? Rhythm games also provide a great sense of tension. Trying to nail 100% on Through the Fire and Flames is the same as a final round do-or-die situation. For example:


That's it for this edition. Be on the lookout for more fighting game goodness next week.

Also, Should Dtoid fighting game fans have their own night? "Sweep the Leg" Thursdays or something? Leave your feedback in the comments.   read

7:40 PM on 02.18.2008

(Repost) Down Right Fierce: The Fighting Game C-Blog + Fighting Game Giveaway

Repost because I don't know how C-Blogs work apparently. Lukich, I have you earlier entry

Hi, my name is casualweaponry (casual for short) and I want to introduce a new C-Blog.

In Down Right Fierce (DRF for short), I want to break news of new fighting games, show some strategies, and also some hardware stuff. I'm in the middle of building a fighting game stick for the PS3, so the pics and vids of that will come in the near future.

I know fighting games aren't that popular, mainly because people think that they're too complicated. But for the average non-fighting game fan, did you know you've been cultivating skills all along that will help? Betcha you didn't, and I'll show you some examples via some of today's most popular games:

World of Warcraft:

I can hear you now: WoW isn't even a game. Technically it's not (I kid), but Wow teaches you a lot about attack ranges. Kiting an enemy in WoW is the same a executing a fireball trap or staying out of a character's throw range in a fighting game. Watch this example as Chun Li tries to stay out of Hugo's throw range, while Hugo tries to avoid Li's low forward to kick super art:


Team Fortress 2

TF2 teaches a couple of things also. First up strategy . Always attacking the same way in TF2 is going to accomplish the same thing that attacking in SF2 will do: nothing. This leads to my next point: tiers/counter characters.

Too many spies infiltrating your base and sapping your dispensers/teleporters/sentries? Smoke 'em out with a pyro. Got a sentry hiding just around a corner, and can't hit it with your rockets? Switch to Demoman and bounce some grenades around the corner, or switch to spy and sap it. Playing with the same character constantly is a bad idea. Know thy enemy; try all the characters in order to know what to expect

The theory of balance and counters are the same.You get the idea.

Devil May Cry 3/ Devil May Cry 4

These games are billed as action/adventure games, but make no mistake; DMC 3 and 4 are really fighting games! You have launchers, juggles, and evasive moves. But you also have deeper moves, like jump cancels, resets, and the oh-so-important parry in the Royal Guard style. Time it right, and blow bosses away in a single hit. Check out these Royal Guard vids:

No damage taken, crazy parries.


Agni and Rudra battle. Look for hints that attacks give away, and be prepared to counter.


Fighters share the same sense of timing, technique, and move execution that DMC3/DMC4 have. If you have a firm grip on the techniques in these games, then fighting games shouldn't be a problem for you.

Ugh, I made a tl;dr post that 99% of Dtoid won't read*. But here's the good part:


For the inaugural DRF, I will be giving away ONE FIGHTING GAME depending on what system you want it for. Enter by commenting. Wii owners will get Brawl of course**. I haven't decided what PS2/PS3/360 owners will get. Maybe Virtua Fighter or something. We'll work something out. One contest stipulation: winners must have been a Dtoid member as of yesterday at least.That makes it fair. Good luck and thanks for reading the last part at least :)

**I actually cut this short, expect part two in the near future.
**A gift card for enough for Brawl. That way you won't have to wait.   read

6:44 AM on 01.21.2008

EA releasing online-only pay-for-upgrades Battlefield game. Better start saving up for bullets...

Via the New York Times:

To paraphrase: EA is going to dumb down Battlefield, add a bunch of advertising, and make people pay for incremental upgrades. Play balancing, who needs that?

Quote from the NYT article:

“The existing Battlefield games are fairly deep; you have to be pretty good or you’ll die pretty quick,” Mr. Florin said Friday in a telephone interview from Geneva. “Now we’ve toned down the difficulty, shortened each game session to 10 or 15 minutes and made the visual style more cartoony.”

Its like Team Fortress 2, if TF2 had no strategy and its hand constantly in your wallet.

My favorite quote:

"Perhaps the prime candidate would be the company’s flagship Madden series, for which sales have slowed. Traditional versions of Madden are extremely complicated, but a simplified downloadable version would be expected to appeal to millions of more casual players."

EA ain't giving up that cash cow!   read

9:04 PM on 11.20.2007

NYC Xbox 360 Rock Band fans...

I mentioned it in Destructoid's Rock Band review, but I'll repeat it (and expand on it) here:

I went to Virgin Megastore in Times Square because I was looking for UT3 Collector's edtion for the PC. I didn't have any intention of buying Rock Band HOWEVER,

They have a crapload of Xbox 360 Rock Band kits, as well as the standalone game of course.
At least 11 at last count. I guess they have PS3 ones, but I didn't notice, so sorry about that. So if you didn't preorder like me, but still want it,hit up the Megastore before they run out. Which I guess will be before this Friday.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I do not work for Virgin in any way shape or form, nor do I gain anything from anyone buying Rock Band there. I'm just sayin'   read

1:40 PM on 11.17.2007

Gamestop is going to screw me; where is my UT3 swag?

I know Gamestop is horrible, but they have this special promotion with

Unreal Tournament 3

Reserve the game, and get a unlock code for a character skin (laym) and Unreal Tournament Anthology game for free (awesome).

So I walk up to the counter and let them know I want to reserve it, but they have no idea what I'm talking about.
I tell them its on their website, and they still give me a deer in the headlights look.

Why are 99.99% of Gamestop/Ebgames employess totally clueless?

Luckily, I only put down 5 bucks, because if I don't get my Unreal Anthology, I'll take my business elsewhere.   read

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