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carpwrist's blog

5:50 AM on 01.19.2009

Best Job for a Portable Gamer

The Night Auditor. Any respectable hotel has an attendant at the desk 24 hours a day, every day of the year. People come from all around the world and you'll see meet some cool people. I personally enjoyed talking about my d...   read

3:24 AM on 01.09.2009

Infamous, Beat It With A Stick!

Sucker Punch has earned their rep from the Playstation fanboys for their Sly Cooper series. I first heard about their new PS3 title, Infamous, in January's EGM (issue #199, RIP 1up). In that article they talked about givin...   read

2:19 AM on 01.08.2009

Do Not Want! The Office game on Steam.

I really should be only writing this after I at least play the free demo, but I'm going to say this now DO NOT WANT. I don't want a show that I cherish to be put in the same game category as Luxor. Don't get me wrong, I ...   read

9:37 PM on 12.13.2008

Quit listening to the same crap music! :D

A Beginner’s Guide to Finding New Music Online. Your first step on your journey begins at a fork in the road: Looking down a clean path through the forest you’ll see a trail that is well-traveled. This route is through Pan...   read

3:49 AM on 11.27.2008

Castle Crashers Patch? Let The Behemoth become Harpied!

My first blog is going out on Thanksgiving. It really has nothing to do with the holiday, but a little something to do with legendary bird creatures and a large chicken. A very large chicken. Some may even say a Behemoth of a...   read

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