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carlagregson avatar 3:14 PM on 07.21.2012  (server time)
Five Great Free Retro Video Game Apps

Classic video games may seem like part of a bygone era, but with today's technology you no longer have to rely on your old Atari or Nintendo to play the best classic games. The development of apps for today's smartphones means that you can now rediscover the classic games of your childhood. The best part about many of these apps is that they are available to download for free. If you are itching to play a round of Space Invaders or PAC-MAN, your smartphone can be your own personal arcade.

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# 1: PAC-MAN Lite

PAC-MAN may be the most famous classic video game ever created. With the PAC-MAN Lite app, you can play the first stage of the game absolutely free, complete with the original soundtrack during game play. Eat all of the pellets and fruit snacks in the maze without getting caught by the ghosts. PAC-MAN can be controlled either by the classic joystick, swiping your finger in the direction you want to go, or by tilting the device to move your character. The app takes up 5.4 MB and is available in multiple languages for all major smartphone operating systems.

# 2: ASCII Invaders Lite

If you love aliens and old school graphics, Invaders is the alien shooting game for you. ASCII Invaders Lite provides simple, intuitive game play. All you have to do is aim and shoot at the invaders before they reach the bottom of your screen. This app is available for download for both Androids and iPhones.

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# 3: Snake Classic

Available on Apple products, the Snake Classic app allows you to play the classic addictive maze game. All you need to do is feed your snake apples while avoiding hitting the walls or your own tail. You can play multiple levels of the game with continually increasing difficulty. This free app also provides users with a game center so they can earn specific achievements and play along with friends.

# 4: I Say Free

Simon was the classic party game for many teens. If you still want to test your memory skills with Simon today, check out the I Say Free app. This app works just like Simon, with four colored blocks. The app gives you a pattern to follow. Once you have repeated the pattern, the app adds on to it. I Say Free lets you exercise your brain and have fun at the same time.

# 5: Atari's Greatest Hits

Atari's Greatest Hits is the ultimate app for classic gamers who love the early video games from the 70s and 80s. With Atari's Greatest Hits, users can choose to play Missile Command absolutely free. Missile Command is the classic Atari first person shooter game. The goal is to use your laser beam to shoot down incoming missiles before they hit. You can also access the full 100 game Atari catalog through the app for a fee. You can choose to download prepackaged game packs for $0.99 each or the whole catalog for $9.99. The app also includes original cabinet and box art.

Carla is a freelance writer with a penchant for vintage and retro. In her spare time, you’ll find her browsing the local markets looking for a vintage bargain.

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