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It's all mine! w00t!

Just a quick note - as of today I am the full-time midday guy on one of our local stations! Yay! EDIT - Sorry... I guess I should have posted this originally... The station is 97.3 JOE FM, located in Saginaw, MI. Our state has a HORRIBLE economy and I more or less landed my dream job. One of my first jobs they gave me that doesn't pertain to being on-air is fixing the horrid website.


On new computers and broken 360s

So, as you may remember, almost 2 months ago, my computer died on me, and then two weeks ago, my 360 decided do give me the red ring of death... right before Guitar Hero III was released. Well, after being forced to sell som...


Why I love working in Radio

Aside from being the PR Manager and a writer at DigitalSomething.com, I am also a part-time DJ at a local radio station. Last week, I was moved from the country station (THANK GOD) over to the "whatever" station. This week,...


The loss of a great companion.

Today I have suffered a great loss. While I was creating my skater in preparition of playing my review copy of THPG, my Xbox 360 beeped at me and locked up. I didn't really think anything of it, untill I tried to turn it back on. That's when I saw them. The three evil little lights on the front of the system. So much for playing any new games before Christmas! I'm going to go cry now.


About cannedpastaone of us since 1:27 PM on 11.30.2006

Writer over at DigitalSomething.com, Ex-Radio Personality, father of two, husband to one.


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