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10:10 PM on 01.17.2009

5 Free codes for 30 and Dirty (iPhone/iTouch game)

I'm giving away 5 codes to iPhone and IPod Touch users to try out a game that a friend of mine has been
working on and recently released into the Apple app store. I had some part in the game (not really) because
my friend used my likeness to create the game's main character. As you can see from the video below is that
the game resembles a mash up between Geometry Wars and SmashTV.


Now onto how I plan on giving out the codes. Post in this post saying "I'm in" or something to that nature and
I'll randomly pick 5 users Sunday night, probably around midnight PST. The drawing is open to any iPhone or
iPod Touch user but please make sure you have the latest firmware (2.2) so it will properly work. If you just
want to get the game and not bother with trying to win a code then you can search for 30 and Dirty in the
app store and pay the $0.99 admission fee, but I think my friend does plan on raising the price slightly at the
end of the month.

Good Luck!

Edit: Apple dislikes foreigners. The codes only work for the US app store. Sorry if that excludes anyone.   read

12:48 AM on 07.27.2008

Capcom brings you awesome with the Bionic Commando theme song!

I know, we are all saddened by the delay of Bionic Commando Re-armed. I even cried into a bucket of orange sherbert ice cream the other night. But in the midst of crying fanboys around the world, Capcom releases a new trailer on the Japanese xbox live market place. Awesome does not even come close to describing it.


If that voice sounds familiar to you then you've probably watched one of the trillions of mecha animes that he's sang songs for. That's right, it's none other than the mecha opening theme song king Ichirou Mizuki. Let's all Sing a long!   read

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