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9:03 PM on 05.22.2008

Final Fantasy Creations

I don't do posts often, even on any of the other sites I pay patronage to, but I thought I'd put a little link here for the sake of sharing some little things I have come across that would make ones day a little bit brighter.

Often I'd see the occasional game fan-art/fan-creations like the plushie companion cube or an artists depiction of the mighty Mothra.

But a deviant from Deviantart has come up which a creation that a fair percentage of people could pull off, given a push in the right direction.

This deviant goes by the name of Kiela-Starcatcher bringing us two stitchings of black mage and white mage from the classic final fantasy. Of course copyrights go to their respective owners.

Her original post can be found here   read

2:25 PM on 03.07.2008

Not my Turning Point gaming rig

I was always wondering of making an account on destructoid and this is what clinched it. With so many games coming up in the next couple of months or so, im afraid my poor underpowered beauty wont be able to cope. *crosses fingers* heres hoping, haha.

Here is mah desktop, my pride and joy, my home in home.

I thought about showing a pic of just my laptop, but wheres the fun in that?

Right, time for some non-essentials;

Top right is my stack of manga, left of that is alot of random junk.

Up front in the bottom is my Hp Pavillion laptop connected to the love of my life, my Wacom Cintiq 12wx tablet. Just to the right is also a great reference, the 'Oxide 2' anthology from Kim Yung Tae, I always wonder how I was not lost before encountering that book.Ah, how many pictures have I sketched and how many more to come with this trio of 'awesome'.

And behind those is yet more random junk.

In the back to the left is my small TV passed down on me by my friends. Ah, how I love them for passing down there junk...

Ah, how poor am I *snifflewhimper*


Anywho, I figure those are the side points about my little rig I have set up. And now for the details on my little beauty of a laptop.

AMD Turion 64 x2, 1.90Ghz
1918MB RAM
32-bit OS
Windows Vista (oh XP-tan, I wish for your return)
Touch Screen (disabled, why have that when I can use my Wacom Cintiq :))   read

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