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11:50 PM on 03.02.2010

Uncharted 2's Silly Multiplayer Penalties

So I was playing Uncharted 2 tonight, after downloading the new map pack. I must say I really like the two new maps they've put up for DLC, as not only are they only 3.99 (or 5.99 if you wants the skins as well), but they are very well balanced and have a unique feel to them. I was disappointed by these maps whatsoever. What I was disappointed by and actually I should use the word frustrated, was how god awfully slow the servers were today. One connection error after another, so I decided maybe I should restart my PS3 and disconnect my computer from my router (thinking it was my own internet). But this made no difference at all and from talking to other players, they were experiencing the same issue. Okay, maybe it's just a bad night to play and the servers are just acting retarded, I suppose this happens every so often, right? That's not really what frustrated me, although it was the beginning of my annoyance. What really frustrates me, is how those folks at Naughty Dog didn't put a system in to address these sort of situations and I'll explain what I mean. Suppose you have some chump who just sucks in a certain game and quits out. Given the game only includes 10 people or less, they should be penalized, that's alright with me. However, when it is the servers crappy connection that kicks me out of the game, rather than me quitting myself, I shouldn't receive the same penalty. That is a bunch of BS. Two games in a row where the servers just suck and I'm charged $10,000 and my rank is lowered because of it? WTF is that? Naughty Dog claims to have such an advanced game, yet they can't change their system to differentiate from a person quitting to the servers ending an entire match and kicking people out? That is what I call frustrating, at least when I play Modern Warfare I get to keep my level if I am kicked out, but with Uncharted they LOWER my frickin' level, this is just ridiculous. I hope Naughty Dog can fix this crappy system before my frustration leads me to playing another game.   read

3:21 PM on 06.14.2009

How inFAMOUS turns to crap

So I'm playing inFAMOUS, on Hard difficulty, because the fucking game changed the difficulty on
me and I don't know how to change it. Most of the game is very straight forward, bosses have
certain weaknesses that you exploit and everything seems to be going along fine. This is until you
arrive at the ending of the game, and partake in the cheapest, most unsatisfying and frustrating
battles of video game history. To describe to you this final "boss", I will be referring to him as
Wesker. Why the name Wesker? Because if anyone has ever played Resident Evil 5, then you
know the boss battle with Wesker, and they are almost exactly the same. For starters, Kessler,
the actual character from inFAMOUS, not only has the same voice actor but they both also behave
in the same manner as well. They both have smoked crystal meth for years, because they both
can magically move from one spot to another, quite like Flash. This just makes for really annoying
gameplay, and you can't really shoot him because he dodges every single shot. You would think,
that since electricity travels at the speed of light that it'd be able to hit "Wesker", but no he dodges
the shit out of your fire then knocks you on your ass with a shockwave and tosses some grenades
at you, death number one. Contrary to what you would think, and I thought also, but "Wesker"
seems to be the only animate object in the game that you can't even budge with your fucking
upgraded shockwave. So you are left with a dive-roll that doesn't even work half the time or you
dive into some grenades. Then he pulls out a shock wave that knocks you on your ass once
again, followed by a group of what I call "death bots", which upon touching you snatch the life out
of you, followed by a nice on screen picture of the fuck, death number two. Beyond these
shortcomings, in addition, this battle is in a wide open arena with electric wires scattered about 20
meters apart from each other, and they are the same color as the ground, so when your screen
turns grey from getting fucked in the ass by "Wesker", you are stuck with nothing to power up with,
unless you memorize the positions of the wires, death number three. To top it all off, if you take the
slightest step outside this imaginary line across the arena, "Wesker" picks you up with electricity,
places you on a platform in the center, and showers you with grenades, death number four. Then
you partake in a nice pummel QTE with "Wesker", in which you are too weak to overpower him,
and you are supposed to fail like the pansy you are. Then all the above processes are repeated
once again, resulting in Cole's frustrating and untimely death. The entirety of the game is spent
taking down drug addicts and thugs off the street, and in the end even killing thousands of these
characters will not prepare you for this battle in any shape or fashion.


12:41 PM on 03.29.2009

Favorite Games of All Time

This is just a compilation of the games I feel have impacted my gaming experience as a whole.

Metroid Prime, Metroid Prime 2:Echoes - These games brought the world of Metroid into 3-D,
specifically the first game which set the standard, then the equal but not as epic second game. I
specially did not include Metroid Prime 3, because it is a terrible game and strayed off the path of the
original formula of the two first games, it was rubbish.

Socom 2 US Navy Seals - This game was the defining title for PS2 that brought everyone who
owned the console into a relatively dependable online experience. I reminisce of countless hours
into the night playing this title, remembering the explosions and the sound of the mic when you'd talk
to people. The graphics were adequate for its time, the controls worked and it was such a blast to
piss people off. This defined what it meant to play online FPS on PS2.

Halo was the very reason why I wanted to buy an Xbox. The only word I could use to
describe the scope and scale of this game is epic, and the gameplay along with the story held up
strong to this. Seeing the Halo above you at any times and wide angle shots of huge structures made
this game so good to look at I could hardly believe I'm just here to shoot things. It is not the best, but it
defined how a game should look and feel 'epic'.

I have to include Resistance in my post because I loved the emotional feeling of the game. The
graphics were good enough to give a real sense of invasion, and the torn environments made the
atmosphere that much deeper. The online experience was the first decent one on the PS3, and was
a really good game when it was released.   read

7:14 PM on 03.21.2008


I would very much like to go with the Destructoid crew to Cancun. I have always sought the
reviews and the blogs on the Destructoid site to be the best, and have never questioned the
rating they have given any game. Just as any fan of video games, I would like to have some
time to talk to the actual creators behind the site and get to know what it's like to get paid to
write about games. Being a avid gamer myself I would enjoy just to talk about the newest gta
or the upcoming resistance 2 (I have xbox 360, but prefer to talk about ps3 games). I have
an avid gamer girlfriend who also plays games just as much as I do, and we would both have
something interesting to say and do while we are with the Destructoid team in Cancun. Beyond
all of that I would really enjoy going to Mexico, as I've never been there and would like to try
out a bit of spanish.   read

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