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(I love the begining to this song.)

I really want this game to come out on the 360 again, I also want
it to come to the US again.Its unlikely that this is going to
happen thanks to how much the first one sold here though.I still
go on a couple nights a week around midnight to see if I can get a
couple games going, sometimes I do and sometimes I dont.

The game is looking awesome though.So far there are only 3
returning characters (Cuilan,Fabian The Fastman and Baek Chang Po)
and 6 new characters (Ley LeFanu, Henri Xia Xiaotien, Luca
werfel,Katie Xia Xue Juan, Dixie Dutilleux and Itsuka.)Theres some
sort of partner system going on where you pick your character,
and a character that changes your stats along with giving you new
special attacks.

from what ive seen, luca might have to be my character of choice
this time around, her rounder (mech) looks almost exactly like my
favorite character's rounder but lev's is looking pretty awesome
too. so yea, enjoy the screenshots and videos.

By the way, if you have Wartech for the 360 and have been looking
for a match, try coming to this website. There
arent too many people signed up yet, but who knows, maybe there will be soon.

videos,pictures and info from:
Game Watch
Senko no Ronde: DUO official site
Youtube Wartech: Senko no Ronde Guild
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5. Frank West

Just look at him, he's incredible

4. The People That Play

Most of the people that you meet in this game are very nice and they know how to use teamwork(especially the japanese dudes).When i first started playing lost planet i always went off by myself, so i would get my ass handed to me while my teammates were doing well, so after a while i started sticking with the rest of the team, and now id like to think im pretty good.

3.VS Annihilator

like this, but with more people

This mode is awesome. Each team has one person on thier team with a VS(vital suit(mech)). Its the other peoples job to either take down the battle gauge of the other team, or take down the other teams VS. so its kind of like VIP in some other games, except that the VSs have infinite lasers so they also go after the teams players and mech.

2. Counter Post

In this mode there is only one data post(flag) and both teams have to fight over control of it. After one team gets it, they have to defend it for a set amount of time. the other team has to attack and try to attack to gain control of the post so they can defend it. Basicly this mode is like domination on call of duty 4, but with one flag instead of three.

1.Akrid Hunter

BEST ONLINE MODE EVER.in a full game, its 12 humans versus 4 huge akrid. the goal is simple, kill the akrid so that thier battle gauge reaches 0, but its ALOT harder than it sounds.The Akrid have tons of defense, alot of health, and any of thier attacks can kill you in one hit, so if you dont use teamwork... you're going to lose very fast. i remember this one match on canyon 810 with a full game it kept going back and forward between the two teams, in the end, the humans(my team) lost, but in the end game lobby, nobody bitched about losing, and nobody rubbed the fact that they won in the losing teams face. Everyone just laughed cuase it was such a crazy match.

The game is only 30 dollars. and with 11 modes,21 weapons, 7 grenades, 20 maps and a good community, at least rent it, theres bound to be something that will keep you coming back for more.
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Trouble Witches
Studio Siesta
Horizontal Cute 'em up

Another Studio Siesta game.This game managed to go from doujin game, to arcade game, to getting an english release. i dont know when the english version is coming out, but the manual is already in english.(Heres where i couldnt think of what to write.I'm also lazy so this is where i tell you how awesome everything in the game is, how good it looks, how nice it sounds, how the option has a magic thingy that slows down bullets and if the enemy that shoots those bullets gets destroyed, the bullets turn into money for you to buy cards that change your bullet patern.)

So yea, download this game, and if you like it, buy the english version whenever it comes out :).

Trouble Witches+ Patch download
Trouble Witches English Manual

By the way, you're going to need daemon tools or something similar to run the bin file so you can install the game( or you can just burn the image to a cd and run it from there).
Daemon Tools

Z = Shoot / Yes (For Menu's)
X = Special
C = Use Card
Up Arrow = Move Up
Down Arrow = Move Down
Left Arrow = Move Left
Right Arrow = Move Right
Escape = Pause / Quit
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look at these pictures and tell me they arent awesomer

check out the other pictures here
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7:32 PM on 05.18.2008

I've been meaning to make a post about this game for a while now, but ive been kind of busy. Airrade Air is one of my favorite shoot em ups ever made. I love everything about it, even though its not a very hard shoot em up.

The monsters: dogs,frogs, fans, little girls, dinosaurs, seagulls and other stuff.ive always like cute em ups more than shoot em ups becuase they're always different. shoot em ups are mostly just ship, bigger ship, boss ship.

The characters: Theres so many of them,and they're all different, and they all power up thier bullets. also you arent given every character when you start the game, you have to unlock them.

The music: It fits just right, and makes the game 10 times better that it already is.

Everyone needs to download this game, and play it.
I would tell you to buy the game(even though im giving you the full version), but i cant find a anywhere to link you to, sorry.

Download link: Airrade Air
Here are the default controls:
o Z = Shoot / Yes (For Menu's)
o X = Punch 1
o C =Punch 2(uppercut)
o P = Pause Menu
o Up Arrow = Move Up
o Down Arrow = Move Down
o Left Arrow = Move Left
o Right Arrow = Move Right

Have fun.
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ill try to keep this post under 10 lines, cause i dont really need more than that

retrohead from DS-Scene is making a homebrew version of radiant silvergun, it looks awesome, watch the video.(its an alpha, i know the video doesnt have sound)

XNEWS has something about Otomedius G being on konami's supply website for the xbox 360. i hope it comes to xbox live, or if its on disc, that anyone but ubisoft brings it over to the US(assuming that its actually coming out and that i read google translated text right).
(Video is of Otomedius)