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Tropes? Damsels In Distress? My Critique.

Anita Sarkeesian finally released her first video. To be honest, I was actually expecting it to be much worse. I think my low expectations led me to be fairly impressed. I donít really have a problem with Sarkeesianís id...


Everything You Know About Piracy Is Wrong

It seems we hear all of the time about some media developer or publisher complaining about piracy. The statements range from barely justified to completely absurd where the latter is far more frequent. From my personal pe...


Skyrim is a Huge Disappointment

Hello everyone. Are you enjoying your time in Skyrim? I certainly am. Itís easily the most beautiful and solid Elder Scrolls title to date. Iíve already invested 60 hours into the game and I feel like Iím only getting started...


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