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12:26 PM on 02.17.2012

Dear Darksouls...

Hi everyone. Before i start i'd just like to say thanks to everyone who gave me feedback from my last blog post,and thanks to you i will be sure to improve in the near future.

This is going to be a slighty shorter blog than last time, because this is basically just an idea ive had for my future blogs. Instead of playing a game all the way through and then reviewing it, im going to post a new blog almost every day or maybe every other day and share with you my current impressions and experiences. I think this will be a better style of blogging for me, because this means instead of writing a long review every week, i can write shorter blogs every day, so it will be almost like a diary.

The first game i'm going to use this style of blogging for is darksouls. Darksouls is a game that i have been meaning to play for quite some time, but ive never played it because i thought it would be impossible to beat. A certain someones blog today (Spamfish) made me realise just how easy games have become, so by playing dark souls i will be challenging my gaming skills to the bitter end. I know, I know, I may have thrown myself in the deep end here, but thats exactly what i want,a challenge! Maybe even some of you guys who have completed the game could give me a few tips and hints on what to do if i get stuck.

This is going to be an amazing experience for me, so i want to share it with you guys.I will be intrested in your feedback.


1:47 PM on 02.16.2012

Super Mario Sunshine Review

Hi everyone, this is my first review over here on the C-Blogs because some amazing people over on TwitchTv, mainly spamfish and kingfoom who need no introduction here on dtoid, inspired me to write one. I decided to do my first review about super mario sunshine, since its a game i have played a numerous of times,and is sometimes overlooked by gamers as it is sometimes reffered to as 'a bad mario game', so i think it's time to try and 'shine' some light on this game.

I know what you're thinking, it's a mario game,so it must follow the same formula as all mario games: princess gets captured,mario has to travel through several worlds to rescue her and everyone lives happily ever after. Well this is not the case in mario sunshine, because it takes a different approach.Instead mario wants to take a break from jumping on goombas,dodging fireballs and collecting stars, so he decides to go on a vacation to the tropical 'isle Delfino'. Sounds beautiful right? Wrong! As soon as mario lands on the isle he is greeted by shadow mario and shadow mario covers the isle with grafitti so that mario will get blamed and have to clean it all up, thus starting your adventure (and you think you have bad vacations). Im not going to give away any spoilers, but there are a few minor twists throughout the game.None of them however will leave you speachless.

With the story aside, now we come down to what mario games do best, and that is to keep you hooked with its addicting gameplay, which makes you never want to put your controller down,as you keep saying"just one more level". Mario sunshine does not disappoint in my opinion. Now i am coming to the part of the game that put many mario fans off this title, which is that it removes most of the gameplay mechanics that makes mario,mario. instead it introduces FLUDD (Flash Liquidizer Ultra Dousing Device). This is basically a talking backpack that can shoot water out of itself ,and manipulate it in many ways, so this now becomes your primary way of killing most enemies. The thing about mario sunshine that appeals to me the most is the exploration. You go from world to world and each time you complete one you get a shrine sprite and when you reach a certain amount of shine sprites, the next story event is triggered, which will eventually progress you to the end of the game. there are hidden shine sprites in each level and some can be a real challange to get. At certain parts in the worlds you will come across bosses, and im going to be honest here, I freakin loved theese bosses, because there was so much variety in them, from trying to find shelter from the shadow of a giant manta ray, to a good old skirmish with some of marios most classic of bosses.

This was the first major mario title on the gamecube,so the graphics were pretty good for a game that was released in 2002, but the graphics dont even come close to the way the game is presented, because mario sunshine it one of the most imaginative games i have ever seen. Each time you enter a new place coverd with grafitti it looks dull,and looks like an unfinished painting, but once you clear it, it suddenly fills with colour and puts a smile on your face.Every new world brings something new to the table when it comes to environments, from enemy infested theme parks to ghost riddled hotels.

I've been sitting here for the best part of 20 miniutes now trying to think of something negative to say about the game,and the only thing i have come up with,is that it can get slightly repetative, but cant all games? So in my own personal opinion super mario sunshine still remains to this day one of the best games and experiences i have ever played, and if you have never played it i do reccomend picking it up, so what if your 10 years late you'll still have an awesome experience!

Im sorry this review is not very long, but it is my very first one, so i dont mind and criticism as long as it is constructive. Thank you to anyone who takes the time to read this review and please respond in the comments .   read

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