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burningsoup's blog

10:49 AM on 06.07.2013

Why I Love Remember Me (but I want it to fail)

Remember Me hit the market a few days ago to less-than-glowing reviews, prompting ever so cynical would-be consumers to brush off the game with cute little quips like, "No, I will not remember you!" I am here to encourage t...   read

12:42 PM on 03.18.2013

Facebook Responds to GoW:A Leonidas DLC

Meet Leonidas. He's a GameStop exclusive multiplayer character for God of War Ascension. His design is based off the character's model in 300, who is in turn loosely based off the very real person, Leonidas. He also happens...   read

3:21 PM on 02.13.2013

Behold! The TRUE Future of Gaming!

Recently, a national poll showed 67% of Republicans believe videogames are more violent than guns. Here is my response. The room smells like sweat, blood, and a little like diarrhea too. Just like every other E3 event Iív...   read

11:32 AM on 01.10.2013

Sorry, Pokemon fans: I've got dibs on Froakie

Since Pokemon X and Y was just announced a few days ago and fan art has already appeared in spades, one thing became very clear to me: if I didn't lay down my claim of starter Pokemon, somebody else clearly would and at rel...   read

9:42 AM on 12.21.2012

KataMarathon for Child's Play!

Update: Link to the stream Hey guys, I'll try to be succinct so you can get on with your day. Basically, a few buddies and I are going to play through all the console releases of Katamari games (Katamari Damacy, We <3 Kat...   read

6:36 PM on 12.10.2012

Why Games Should Be Accessible and Why Your Analogies Suck.

If you plan on leaving a comment, please be reasonable. I'm willing to see other points of view, but if you are rude, then I have nothing to say to you. Jim recently put out a new episode of the Jimquisition explaining that ...   read

6:35 PM on 12.09.2012

The Best Ad Campaign Ever? Dikembe Mutombo's 4 1/2 Weeks to Save the World

I'll be short and sweet with this. Old Spice is a nice brand that we all like because it makes us smell good and occasionally shocks and stupefies its audience with advertisements that are surrealistic and surprisingly wel...   read

12:18 PM on 11.16.2012

Roll Call: Those Who Missed the Wii U Preorder Boat

Anyone who follows my comments on this site can probably tell that I am in desperate love with Nintendo. And like that girl you had a crush on all 4 years of high school who was WAY out of your league, no matter how many ti...   read

2:31 PM on 11.02.2012

Why Wreck-It Ralph is an important movie

So I saw Wreck-It Ralph. Being someone who grew up in the SNES era and later became fascinated with the NES era, it was kind of a necessity to see it, much how the sheer amount of video game references in Scott Pilgrim drov...   read

2:51 PM on 07.20.2012

Clearing my mind

I apologize if anyone finds the timing of this blog inappropriate, but I felt I needed to address the Colorado shooting. If you don't want to read a blog about this I don't blame you. It's a video game site, after all. For th...   read

7:16 PM on 05.15.2012

Hype: The reason I bought an Xbox 360

What you have to understand about me is that for the three unfortunate years I spent in middle school, I was absolutely, positively, whole-heartedly, obsessively, and depressingly attached to the Sonic the Hedgehog franchis...   read

7:50 PM on 02.11.2012

The REAL Best Video Game Endings of All Time

Wow guys, I can't tell you how embarrassed I am that you guys had to read this clearly misinformed list of the best game endings ever. However, as a representative of Guiness, I'm here to tell you all that I've just been del...   read

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