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bunnyrabbit2 avatar 9:37 PM on 08.24.2009  (server time)
Why I love Destructoid

Well, I was planning on writing one of these sometime this week so might as well do it now.

To put it lightly, this site means a lot to me. I am sure that without it, I would be in a much, much, much worse place than I am now. Some of you know about me being a mental case (Aspergers among other things including depression) and how messed up I am normally and how more messed up I have been this year in particular. I should be asleep right now but the prospect of PAX next week is keeping me awake. I promise you I will be crying big manly tears probably the entire week because of the sheer love I have for you folk.

Without various people helping me through an absolute fucking ton of problems, I'd still be dealing with them. Without the care that people have shown me on this site, I'd have lost it long ago. Christ, the only reason I ever managed to get a girlfriend back last year was because of people I spoke to giving me a few extra voices in my head and the confidence I needed. To me, there's a clear three reasons I am still at university and struggling instead of back at home dealing with debt having given up and those are my mum, the few close friends round this area and destructoid.

I would like to thank each person by name but the list is far too long and it would take me forever so I'll just put names here at random and if I missed you off, I'm really sorry: mid3vol, coonskin, countingconflict, Tactix, Aerox, Rio McCarthy, BrianKeljore, Neoninja, PsychoSoldier, elysse, Technophile, KNIIIIIIIIIIVES!, Necros, Excremento, BigPopaGamer, ZServ, Pheonix Blood, Halfie, TheYoungScot, Gibbo, Chooly, Vexed Alex, Kacie, EternalPlayer, GHost, Seth338, Power Glove, Atheistium, Suff0cat, Ben PerLee, naia, Ub3rSlug. I fucking love you guys.

Just the fact I'll get to hang with you guys at PAX has been keeping me going throughout this year and I've had way too many things almost take it away from me. If I have to swim across the fucking ocean and then crawl across America I will be there.

Most of all though, thanks Niero. Without you, I wouldn't have the kind of place where I can kick back and be me without having to edit myself and hide parts of myself just because people wouldn't accept it. Thanks for creating a great site for news and a great site where even people of completely opposing views can find a game they will enjoy together and have a blast. Thanks for the iconic image without which, I would not have had a crazy idea to turn a box into a makeshift sun shield at Download last year (This is the one I mean). Thanks for somehow spawning possibly one of the most crazy, mostly intelligent, overly ridiculous, awesome community.

The internet wouldn't be the same without Destructoid. It's that simple.

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