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bunnyrabbit2 avatar 4:50 AM on 02.22.2008  (server time)
The next UK NARP

Well, its that time again. There will be a second UK NARP at my house in Wolverhampton on the weekend of the 28th of march. This means that it is closer to the south so we all don't have to go all the bloody way up to Manchester to Wardrox's stupid bloody house with his stupid bloody housemates who don't know how to pick up a bloody phone.

Just in case you don't know where Wolverhampton is, here is a pretty picture to show you:

There will be lots of booze seeing as its a house of students just after we have gotten out last chunk of student loan. Also, there is an ale festival going on at Wetherspoons during that week so pints are only 1.45 if we decide to go there

I have lots of room for people to sleep. We not only have two sofa beds but a lot of comfortable floor.

I will kickstart the mailing thing now. If you are coming, just email me at that address over there --->

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