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bunnyrabbit2 avatar 9:01 AM on 07.02.2008  (server time)
My time with Kameo: Day 1

As you may or may not know, DVDDesign is running another achievement contest (Info found here). I decided that this time round I am going to give it a go (plus, I never really caught it last time until it was a few months in). For my first challenge, I am going to be playing Kameo. I got my 360 in the second shipment to the UK but never picked up Kameo because there was shooting and racing fun to be had (and I had bugger all money). While searching through my house mate's games for one that I has not played I saw Kameo and it ended up in the choice list. I decided to go with it in the end because its Rare and I have always loved Rare.

So here I sit with my cup of tea, some biscuits and Megas XLR for background sound if need be about to put the disc in. I am going to write this as I play and marking out milestones and whatnot. I hope you enjoy the read.

First 5 minutes – This game is fun. Also, its quite violent. I just picked up and orc and beat another orc to death with his body. The three forms I have are quite cool. The design of them is brilliant and controlling them is great. There are a few problems sure but with this being a release title and Rare, I can overlook them. Also, Being able to see Kameo inside the creature is pretty cool.

First Achievement – Well, the first one I got is for getting hold of the first elemental creature. It came with an awesome video and gave me back one of the ones lost after the beginning bit. The game has been good so far and killing all those orcs was a huge amount of fun. The kiddy sort of style to the game works great and in terms of violence I am sort of reminded of Wild 9. Oh well, back to gaming I suppose.

GIANT BATTLE – Now seeing as I did no research on this game and had only played a small bit of the demo before I had no idea what to expect from this. I just went into an area to see about 100 or so orcs in a giant group in front of me. I waded through them and then allied troop waded in and a giant battle kicked off. Sure, it wasn't LOTR type size and probably not massively complicated but it was epic nonetheless.

The First Day – Well, I have been playing Kameo for quite a while and have so far earned a grand total of 340GP. I am wondering why people thought this game was not good. I have been playing it an enjoying every minute. Sure, some bits annoyed me but they were mostly to do with the puzzle being really damn hard rather than bad design or a control issue. The elemental stuff is really cool and I am still using the first creatures I unlocked at later parts of the game rather than relying on the nest creature all the time. It should be fun going through later to get the A rankings and do the co-op bits for the last 400GP.

List of Achievments Unlocked so far:

Found Pummel Weed – 20GP
Found Rubble – 20GP
Freed Halis – 100GP
Found Ash – 20GP
Found Major Ruin – 20GP
Found Deep Blue – 20GP
Found Chilla – 20GP
Freed Lenya – 100GP
Found Flex – 20GP

Total = 340GP/1000GP

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